Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Album Review: Combichrist - "We Love You"

Combichrist - "We Love You"
Label: Out Of Line 
Release: 2014-03-21 
Format: CD Album 
Tracklist: 13 Tracks
Facebook page: Combichrist
Reviewed by: Saul Colon 
Date: April 2014

Hey peeps here I am with another reviewing click the link for info but it's the new Combichrist album called "We love you all"and it's pretty Goddam good. If you are an avid CC fan it takes some elements if the video game soundtrack they did a year in half ago ( which was a metal ) and added there distinct agro tech style to it. Not really like"What the fuck is wrong with you" (my favorite) but a lil change to a more standard band then just samples and loops. But some songs stand out my fav being "We Own this Motherfucker" and "Everyday is a War" the deluxe version has xtra tunes but there more instrumental noise if ya like that stuff then get it otherwise it's a definite "A" album to purchase ... Btw if those whom don't or not familiar with Combichrist I suggest getting which I mentioned earlier my fav with a classic tune "Shut up and swallow" it's a total Agro Tech. 

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