Friday, 24 February 2017


We were lucky enough to catch up with an underground metal legend Mike Browning (Pictured far right) from the original lineup of Nocturnus, while Nocturnus are dead Mike has resurrected the music under the banner of  "NOCTURNUS AD" over the last few years, playing old songs off the first album "The Key", new material they've been composing and some very early "Morbid Angel"  material (Mike's first band). As part of their new run of shows they will even be playing a metal festival in Melbourne (Insurrection of Darkness) on the 10/11th of June with Nocturnus playing two sets, headlining both nights and one of the sets will consist of a full set rendition of their legendary first album "The Key"

Hello Mike! Great to have you on board for a few questions! First up, thanks for taking the time to talk to us and secondly thanks for making some truely timeless music!

Actually Thank You for doing this interview with me to for supporting all the stuff that I have done, without support from people like you, I wouldn’t be here right now!

I've saw a post that you guys were working on some new music... I am exceedingly happy to hear this! Can you spill the beans on how this music will compare to the groundbreaking albums you (and the then lineup of Nocturnus) released in the late 80's early 90's?

Yes, we are working on a full albums worth of songs for Nocturnus AD. Right now we are working on our 7th new song and our goal is to have 9 for the album. Four of the songs will continue with The Key story and one will be the followup to Neolithic and another will continue with Lake of Fire and Standing in Blood and the others will be various subjects. As far as the music, it is kind of a cross between The Key and Thresholds.

Your second album Thresholds is a personal favourate of mine, and was probably the first ever 'technical death metal' record I heard. How does a band progress from there? Are you going to keep pushing the bounds of technicality or persue another angle? Do you guys feel the need to compete with younger bands that are playing tech death today?

I really had wanted to continue with The Key story lyrically on Thresholds, so since I didn’t sing on Thresholds, I didn’t write very many of the lyrics either, so there were really no connections between the first 2 albums at all like I had wanted to originally do after The Key, so at least now with Nocturnus AD I xan go back to continuing with The Key story as well as the other song connections I had mentioned. I do think our new songs definitely push the limits even more because the new material has elements of both, plus its even heavier and maybe a bit faster too. What we are doing still has a lot of the old school feeling to it and I don’t think there is still another band that you can compare us to, so even with these newer young bands that have a lot of speed and technical abilities, most of the music is very stale and has no originality to it.

As a teenager I read and studied your lyrics rather closely.. How important do you feel the lyrics are in a death metal band.... you guys have a very strong occult / fantasy angle on the band .... is it crucial to the band and why do you do it?

Lyrics are of different importance for everyone, but for me they always tell a story and they actually fit with the atmosphere of the music. That is why I always wanted to have keyboards in the music to give it an evil almost cinematic atmosphere so that fit with the right lyrics make each song like a mini movie. The content of the lyrics are just basically things that I am interested in in my real life, like the occult and science fiction horror.

When you look back on the early days of Nocturnus do you feel the band was underrated?

We were really starting to do well, but because everyone in the band but me wanted to get a front man and go more diverse and less evil occult lyrics, so we did on Thresholds and even though it was a great album, it only sold 1/3 of what The Key did, so I can only imagine what might have happened if we had written The Key part 2 with me singing and writing most of the lyrics, it might have made us much bigger instead.

Nocturnus music is not simple shit... How importantly do you rate musical theory for yourself and other death metal musicians learning the trade?

More of the technical end started with Mike Davis, because before that the band was simpler and heavier, but with new people in the band the music changed and evolved and got even more technical. And the guitar players in Nocturnus AD are both amazing musicians with a different style from each other, but I think that sometimes, especially lately, that the guys in the newer death bands just want to be as fast and technical as possible, but they also sacrifice feeling for technology.

Poster for Nocturnus first ever Australian Tour!
Is Nocturnus embracing the modern era of digital music? Do you like it? Do you use bandcamp/ Itunes or whatever? How do you feel about this stuff?

I don’t mind having a mix of new technology for spreading the music, but I also want to be on a label that will do old school vinyl a cassettes too for the collectors. The one good thing about the digital age is that now musicians songs can be tracked for sales a lot more accurately and at the same time you can reach everyone on the entire planet who has a computer or a phone, so it has made access to your music a lot better.

Nocturnus' records were markedly 'singular' to anything else in the metal scene at the time... I'd love it if you could share some of your influences with us

Since I grew up in the 1970’s I have a big range of influences from stuff like Led Zeppelin, Rush,
Judas Priest and Black Sabbath, then I got more into metal like Angelwitch and Venom and then it got even heavier into Celtic Frost, Slayer, old Bathory and stuff like that.

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Thursday, 23 February 2017



Reviewed by: Jessie “Motor Mouth”

I purchased a copy of Day of Doom’s release, “The Second Coming”, recently (on February 2, 2017), and it blew my mind on the first take. At first, I thought I would be listening to a Doom Metal band (which is my first choice of metal these days). I'm sure many like myself would think this way because of their band name. But the words, "never judge a book by its cover", rang true in this case, yet again.

I slapped Day Of Doom's "The Second Coming” into my CD player (yes, folks I still own one), and it blew my mind  This CD brings me back to the old school Death Metal days of cassette tapes. Back then, they released albums where you would have an A side and a B side. Either there were two releases on each side, or the album was split with half the songs on side A, and the rest of the songs on side B. In this case, it was as if you had two complete albums on each side.  You’re getting two past albums on one CD with this release that features both “Night of Horror” and “Slaves of Insanity".  I would be highly interested if Day of Doom will release this on both cassette tape and vinyl sometime down the road.

I cranked it up to 10, and was in for a brutal awakening. I think many of you will agree this is pure crushing Death Metal from New York. Day of Doom should never go unrecognized with their talents that is sweeping the nations worldwide.  Now, most of you heard of bands such as Suffocation and Gorguts, but you never know when something like this is lingering around the USA somewhere out there. It will kick you right in your ball sack, and knock you to your knees. Day of Doom deserves a high and mighty notice and recognition within the crushing brutal Death Metal scene. This is as raw as it comes. The blast beats and rolls made me sink into my current dwellings. I was  especially excited to hear a drummer playing away, and not some drum machine or program. It was refreshing to actually hear drums getting played by a human behind a kit, and on another note, it wasn't too trigger happy. Yes, Rich Hervey used some triggers, but it’s not overbearing or overcooked like my girlfriend makes her steaks.

Doug Randazzo's, guitar sections were brilliant with fast delivery and sickness. Both the leads and rhythms sounded like they came from beyond the abyss of hell.

Sam Lara’s bass lines were not hidden or buried six feet under.  The lead growls done by Sam were deep and clear. Definitely the kind of vocals that hit you like a hard punch to your throat. At times you’ll hear different vocal changes within each song. I had wondered if each member was taking a few verses.  This is a testament to the well rooted backing vocals of both Rich and Doug. Each growl, whether it was the leads or backing growls ripped my spine out.  Day of Doom are the true breed of what crushing old school Death Metal is all about. And they possess a unique style that is definitively their own. They are in a league of their own, in my personal opinion as a fan of the Death Metal scene.

As I mentioned earlier you’re in for a treat with this double album. "The Second Coming” contains two of their rare first releases making this one hell of a release all rolled into one. I look at is as them giving something back to the death metal family, and to its fans. Whether you are an old school fan, or are only recently getting into our scene, I recommend contacting Day of Doom on Facebook to get your own copy for your personal collection.

When first listening to “Night of Horror” (which I considered Part I), my favorite songs were “Tempest of Revenge”, “Nightmare Child” and “Womb of Hell”. Each of these songs were blasphemous and demonic from every note to the darkest growls. All seven tracks from this release were intense, sick, well-written, and stood the full course in representing what crushing death metal should be offering.

Now this brings me to “Slaves of Insanity". With another 7 tracks that were re-recorded, I almost wished I had heard the first release of this album so I could give a short comparison to see if they made any changes. In most cases, its usually on the production end these changes occur since we didn’t have all the modern technology we have now back in the day. All though it's re-recorded, it does not lose that rawness or thin out at all. Again, you hear pure drumming skills coming from a drum kit that sounds miced up.  Lunatic drumming, flaming guitar riffs, wicked soloing, thick bass lines, and the to perfect growls are all present here as well.  Not one track gets boring, but the release intensifies and  thickens as it plays on too. By the time it's done, I'm  left feeling very impressed which is something that doesn’t happen to often these days.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Venom Inc!

Well... I just had the honour of talking to Venom Inc. front man Tony (The Demolition Man) Dolan about about the huge news that they have been singed to Nuclear Blast Records....  For those that may not be aware Venom Inc... features original Venom founding members Tony Bray (Abbadon) Jeff Dunn (Mantas) and of cours bass player / vocalist Tony Dolan (who replaced Chronos after the original lineup of Venom fell apart in the mid 80's)

You just broke the news that Venom Inc. will be signed to Nuclear Blast Records.... This is a big fucking deal!!! so whats the plan of action from here?
Yes, well, we were already working towards the album demos so now it is all systems go to get the albums completed and out as soon as we have a full year of touring already looming...

Venom pretty much shaped every black /death / thrash heads childhood does it get weird when people come up to you and ask you wierd shit like im doing now?
Hahahahaha.....we were ALL from an extreme area of industry at a shit time so it shaped all of it weird? No, it is humbling to us all and an honor that anyone has influenced anyone through their art

I have heard on the interwebs you guys and Chronos aren't exactly seeing eye to eye with the usage of the name 'Venom' are you going to keep using this name and what are your thoughts on Chronos' protestations?
A: No thoughts at all, he can moan for the rest of his time if that makes him feel happy, we are just doing our thing and the rest is of no importance. Seeing eye to eye? Well, we just tell the real story, he chooses a kind of strange series of alternating facts. The official biog on his site that he administers himself has changed 6 times in 10yrs so it is hard to keep up to be honest. He does what he does and hopefully he still does it well but beyond that we don't care. The name was given to us and the logo we use is the one Abaddon designed originally with the addition of Inc. We don't do as he does and spend time in interviews and onstage to audiences, disrespecting's just not who we are..

A little about yourself Tony.... what musicians inspired you to play as a young fellow?
I was raised on Rock N Roll, then lived during the Glam period in the UK as we as hearing the likes of Kiss and Aerosmith etc...when we moved to Canada in the mid 70's but truly, I was inspired by the US punk outfit the Dickies, who pay fast and furious in 1978!! Then I heard Motorhead and it was a over...THAT bass...THAT Man...I was sold. Many bassists are influential to me but to just get up and play it was him and his band...When I formed my own Metal band I thought...what if the speed of the Dickies met the sheer volume and power of Motorhead...and years later, who would have guessed what was to happen in our musical world

How important is the spiritual aspect of music for you ???..... I believe I read somewhere that you are a satanist (don't worry I am one too.... and I won't tell anyone...) is this a sideline or a core aspect of your life and music? IS ALL

You started playing bass in a band called Atomkraft... What was life like then and how has it progressed now (you had great hair back then by the way!!!)?
Hahaha...great not sure but hair...ahhhh I started as Guitar/Vocals but switched to bass/vocals when we lost our bassist before some shows...and never looked back. Life was adventurous then and full of excitement and It is exciting and full of pleasure...I was rushing to eat up the word back then and it passed too I am taking my time to dine properly

How did you get involved in Venom in the first place?
I was waking down the street We had a close association since the start and when Cronos wanted to move away from the heavy dark stuff and be more like the Dave Lee Roth kind of thing...he left and there was a deal on offer...I was approached by Abaddon (who had been part managing my other band and also had just completed a tour with us as tour manager...and along with the Venom Manager...they offered me the job. They thought I was best qualified in Knowledge and style...I then helped bring Mantas back as I said there had to be 2 for it to be legitimate in my eyes...and WE were born again.,

What do you think about the black metal bands of today? Most of which are influenced by Venom... Do you feel any affinity with them?
Do I? No...are we ALL connected...hell a father teaches the  son or daughter to take what he has done and make it better and expand on goes the all things extreme, they all followed the path laid by Venom and Motorhead but influenced along the way by King Diamond, Chuck Schulder, Bathory, Tom Warrior etc etc....the greatest thing...they made Black Metal, the genre, their own and a proud style of extreme music...THAT is incredible

Regarding Jeff.... Can you give us some background on what makes him tick? Fave bands? influneces etc.... he is a ground breaking gutiar player and many would like to know!
Tea.....Martial Arts.....his music...playing...he lives to pay his guitar...a prolific writer, always doodling He now has his home studio and is into producing BIG time...loves it...spends days in that cave hahaha....fave bands? He Loves KISS but main, Judas Priest...influences are many favs...Gary Moore  and Zak Wild he likes a lot but direct influence? There can be only on and that is KK Downing....He never see's himself and groundbreaking but that is why he is my brother....I like humble...when so many are arrogant for no reason deserved...he is not...

I'm not sure if this question effects you or the other guys in the band but obviously venom influenced some big bands (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth ... and not to mention my own band hahah) does it shit you up the wall to see these dudes become world wide sensations? I don't think venom ever got the recognition they deserved from either the original lineup or the lineup that you were in? What's  your thoughts on this?
Well, I think for them more than me that does smart a little but it was just situations and decisions that were to friends and peers...I think there is always the greatest respect....and NOW anyway....We will be joining them again....albeit a tad later than expected but...we always prefer to make and entrance!! lol We are the guys who don't care whose party it is...we'll come take everything anyway....

In regards to M:PIRE of EVIL (the guys last band before rebranding to "Venom Inc...") how would you say the sound and playing has progressed?:
We we still have that album almost competed so we' get to that too..we are not that band re-branded as this band...that band is different, we do what we every way...unrestricted...and that may seem odd as if VENOM INC is restricted but what I mean is...there is no particular theme with the one and a definite theme with the other...Musically....we have liberties we may expand on with M:PIRE we will not with VENOM..

Your predecessor (Chronos) was an intimidating and larger than life front man... I would love to hear how you stepped to the plate and faced the music as the new front man of venom... it must have been scary!
Scary???Ahahaha...erm no...I/m not trying to be disrespectful at all but I wasn't on the same side of the fence as for me...intimidating? No...larger than life? Yes...Funny, nuts...always jumping around...all of that has gone now of course...and it's a shame but...who moves on...I never gave him a thought once...I don't FOLLOW people....I am just ME...that's what you get....I was me when I came in...because I was me before...I left as me and I am here as it...good..thanx , cool, don't worries...see ya..., we all have things we like and dislike..that's the beauty of life..always full of choice.,...I joined as me and wrote my songs and attacked the old songs with the passion I felt for them....just like I do now...I play from the heart and with honesty and the songs need to be slammed into you not done as a cabaret medley, this was never the Rolling Stones...hahaha

Your recently announced Sign up with Nuclear Blast could really put your guys back on the map and show a lot of young players (and even a former member) how its really done... Is there anything you have in mind that will stamp the boot of trad metal down on their faces? Whats the plan? I hope Nuclear Blast gives you guys the respect you deserve!
NB are the best...we ALL know that and I have wanted them for over 8 years for us and 15yrs before....loyalty is all and we will deliver the best we can possibly give...This band is REAL...this band MEANS it and this band will show why Metal was and is and will be so important to generation after generation of young people who need to feel less alone and that when you need to can....louder than anything and heavier than you thought possible.....all anyone has to do is join us....and feel it burst right into your soul....ALL HAIL