Sunday, 13 December 2015

Poem: Where The Willows Will Not Weep Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

Where The Willows Will Not Weep
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)
Website:  Misanthropic Poetry

The human herd reconvenes
Beneath the canopy
Of dead end dreams
All the while
Evaporation erases their humanity
And silence lives in the subtle shift
Of leaves as the wind picks up again
To shake stillness from the Earth
But not their hearts
Barren bones are just the vessel
For unvalued experience
They whispered words
In our presence
Like ventriloquist psychics
And we ignored the warning
And the lesson all the same
Such ease with which
It's all mistaken for granted
The soil walked on
Bulldozed and equalized
Wisdom dismissed
Ego indulged
The sobs below
In the cavernous underbelly
Subterranean slow death exposed
Clowns in clown shoes
Juggle chemical compounds
Kill for power
Conquer for control
It's human nature
To be the center of the universe
With life by a thread
And your neck through the rope
It's nature's nature
To observe the failure
Not to interfere

With the erosion of the soul

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Poem: Garbage Poem 27 Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

Garbage Poem 27
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

An oddity in a square box
An anomaly in a circular cage
A sore thumb
In the here and now
And nobody's engaged
Statistics are like the lies
That hide in the fine print
And flash across the screen
In microscopic text bombardments
Track it all and show me the numbers
It's the universe's daily reminder
That it's going nowhere fast
But is it going somewhere slow
I doubt it in the stagnancy of
Routine redundancy tenfold
It's just like pouring blood
Into a bottomless bucket
The more you give
The more it takes
Parasitic vulture
Insatiable hunger
Take the flesh as well

Leave no stone uncovered

Friday, 11 December 2015

Poem: Thalassic Demon: The Black Ghost Of Klapeida Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

Thalassic Demon: The Black Ghost Of Klapeida
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

From the depths of black waters
Like aquatic asphalt with
Pristine shine, reflections
Glisten off the surface
And the cloaked and faceless rise
With the steel cast lantern
In apparition's fist
Risen overhead
To lead the way back
To the living world
That has since
Ceased to exist
Carrion of death
Scavenger among the ruins
Cemetery submerged
Flooded lungs for the fallen
Water logged tombs
Serrated bones in human sewage
The great cataclysmic abyss
Claim them for your own
Devoured sea legs
And their life as whole
Upon these shores of never
Where the hopeful wait
You can see it fleeting
From their tired faces
Those who held out know
Those who won't return
Were swallowed by the unforgiving
Tides into the endless catacombs
In the stillness of nightfall
When the winds have frozen
The disruptive echo of steel
Shatters the paralyzed silence
The hands of iron bones
From a soulless body
Grip upon the wooded
Doorway like rungs of rusted ladder
They waken from false tranquility
Of uninvited slumber
And there the shapes move
In the shadows
Beneath the bronze mask
And blueness of the Moon
Face to face with the ghost
Of impending dread and doom
Follow me into forever
It will all be over soon
I'm looking for the others
Life just left behind
Swim in your despair

And give to me your mind

Poem: On Lockless Keys and Keyless Locks Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

On Lockless Keys and Keyless Locks
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

From the depths
The creeping doubt
Pours out
Crawls up the spine
It's claws impale
Cold bones
Nerves kick into frenzy
Chaos unleashed
From where it looms
It resides in the silence
More deafening
With greater distance
More oppressive with
You and your paranoia
On an island all your own
Induced isolation
Or the illusion
That leads you astray
All roads lead to
The labyrinth
Of cruelty
Back to the voice
That never leaves
Well enough alone
All to convince you
That something was wrong
Something's been wrong
You flip the switch
To automatic
And set the sails
Toward tunnel vision
All the world
A blur of insignificant
Details and information
All useless to the
Stranger that can not
Trace his way home
I've carved craters
Into caverns of
Obliterated Earth
Searching for the way
To suffocate it
Crawled into the hole
My unrest had created
Built a new world
From the rubble and ruin
Of that reality
And it still followed me
To the bitterest end
And waited transcend
From the camouflage
Of an outstretched shadow
Like a parasitic symbiosis
To the breathing apparatus
And I am just the heart
And in my mind
Your mind or mine?
I never know where it ends

I never know where to start

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Poem: The Pace of Small Eternities Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

The Pace of Small Eternities
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

The hands turn
Despite resistance
Flooding components
Gears soaked in molasses
Golden sheen of atrophy
Like honey fresh from
Thriving hives
The perpetual circle
Will still complete
As time is determined
To stay the course
Throughout the suffering
You as the slave
To incremental institutions
Helpless in it's grip
And lured into it's
Falsified mercy
That looming eye
Upon the wall
Like silent commanding general
Rules the chaos of the world
Castrates it's reckless nature
And you only chase your tail
And stare at the culprit
And plead in silence
To speed it up
Or slow it back down
Or end it
A bargain or a
Sacrifice for every wretched minute
Give it up to get it back
Or give it all to live it
This redundant
Torture kills with
The subtlest precision
How many days
Doused in molasses
Before it claims
Its latest victim
The remnants of
Atrocity live on
Once I am taken
There upon the wall
Remains the killer


Poem: (Our) World's Apart Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

(Our) World's Apart
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)
Website:  Misanthropic Poetry

What about you
You've ceased to exist
Captive castaway
Communications not severed
From your island
I have seen and heard
Signs of life
Modern day
Digital smoke signals
Emanate from the mouths
On their fingertips
And I feel like an intrusive frequency
Eavesdropping on their channel
Observing the conversation
Of strangers that used to be
Familiar faces
I have seen and heard
The words
Pour out of the smoke stack
Like a lone abandoned factory
On the side of a desolate mountain
Over looking the water
Trapped in the atmosphere
Engulfed in the scenery
A part of the mechanical world
Swallowed up by nature
And transformed into relics
And ancient, misplaced mythologies
Absorbed into the vacuum
And trapped between eternity
And the present
These words float like
Space garbage in this
State of the art oblivion
I can see and hear
The words reaffirm
A dulled out pulse
All around us
Falls in reverse
But they're still breathing
We've omitted mutual space
For faceless transmissions
And cast into it's exile
With shorelines lined
With electric fences
There is a distant light
A shred of hope
Shrouded in darkness
But the thickened fog
Has taken all my friends
And transformed us into
Perfect strangers
And the truth
Still shines through
Where the flood used
To hide them
All people in close proximity
But none of us

Can find them

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Poem: The Unappeasable Noise and Silence (Neither One Is Enough) Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

The Unappeasable Noise and Silence
(Neither One Is Enough)
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

Infinity vortex
Has devoured time
Pulled consciousness into
A vacuum
Elapsed hours
In the blink of an eye
Returned me to reality
In real time
With flashes of interference
In this fortress of isolation
Crossed signals
Like inter dimensional
Pendulum between two worlds
One that exists
And one for retreat
Nothing absorbed
I'm so engulfed in duality
It all blurs the line
Excess sonic bursts
Are arbitrary dice rolls
The sounds melt into themselves
And I am the collateral damage
Attention spread so thin
Should pull the body apart
But I stay together
Slip even further
Drift beyond the outer limits
Here and gone, in unity
Here and now
And elsewhere simultaneously
Heard every nuance
In mic'd up hyperspeed
And it was lost on
Account of
Overloaded memory
Never processed
Only heard
Never happened
Liquid concrete
Into air and earth
There is a dead zone
In this world
Exempt from laws of
Our own polarity
I think they left me there
I think I fed too much
On the therapy of song
I think the notes
Seeped into my blood
I think the muse
Merely wanted out
Of his prison
And scratched and clawed
Only to find more walls
Like a small box
In a smaller box
Repeating the madness forever
I think the only thing that
Satiates the hunger
Needs to feed more
Much more than we'll sustain
By the time it depletes us
And we'll long for more again
That transcendence, I crave
Has bred this
Separation, as one
Entity, within itself
And it has sharpened
Both sides of the blade

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Poem: Rebuilding the Rubble to Ruin Written by: Alan Lisanti

Rebuilding the Rubble to Ruin
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

Ride into the sunset
Vanished into the horizon
Far away from here
When I wake up
From the dream
That which propels me
Is the poison
And the remedy
I cut out infection
Carve out the darkness
Stab at the light
And try to sleep
Try to awaken
The numbness is
The death of me
I don't want it
The false illusion
Holds my hand
And walks me to the edge
Elevates diminished will
Encourages the fool's
Delusion and I've never seen
With such clarity
I lined up all the mirrors
Like dominoes
With precision and strategy
And set off the crescendo
Of shattered glass
Orchestrated like rainfall
Pouring it out of me
Fragments of a puzzle
Scattered beneath my feet
Abandon the search
Desert expectations
And give me back my peace
Every time they overreach
To pull it out of me
Mold it and shape it
Sell it or fake it
Into shades of their tragedies
I find distance appealing
Between you and I
Less weight on the spine
Dismissal that had to be
Just to turn my back on them
Like they've turned theirs on me
Every time they look me in the eyes
And speak the words
They speak to me
Followed like my footsteps
And find their way back to me
Only to repeat again
Echoes eternally
It doesn't kill me
Any less
9000 times later
Every time
The last time
But this time
I'm sure
Last time
For the last time
This time
I mean it
You can't kill me


Poem: The Demise of the "Dream" in the Presence of the Present Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

The Demise of the "Dream" in the Presence of the Present
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

As the last fine grain of sand fell through
The vacuum in the hour glass
It swallowed the audible world
As it free fell from higher ground
Drowned out all other sound
Overpowered them,
And they stood no chance
So they got in line
And bit their tongues
While finality hung in the air
In the center of that glass prison
Where time was held hostage
And life got away from me
And the fortress kept me looking
From the outside in
In paralyzed anticipation
As every bit of myself
Fought every bit of myself
To fight it's impending inevitability
It was the center of the universe now
A single granule of sand
Commanding the orbit of my existence
I felt the whirlwind spin
As it chewed me up and spit me out again
Like driftwood churned in the
Vicious mouth of the maelstrom
And returned to the illusion
Of momentary peace
Of that small deceitful calm
That would only last for seconds
Or minutes at a time
Before (once more)
Fresh blood could stain it's teeth
It's a familiar grueling agony
To stare at insignificance long enough
That it transforms into the catalyst
Amidst metamorphosis
The black hole manifests
This time, this moment
The only time, time has frozen
And every single time
It feeds freely on my soul
While I wait for the ringing
Of the death bell toll
I am certain this time
The sound is surely coming
To decimate chance and possibility
To signify the death of
All other outcomes
And keep the pattern intact
I would stare fixated
In surrealistic fascination
Always among the panic of
Sure anticipation
It is useless
To resist it
Once you're bound into it's grip
There is nothing that can save this
Death in slow motion
The imposter sun returns to ash
Like collected bones
In dead star graveyards below
That lone grain of sand commands
The tides with seized control
There still, perpetual
This instrument of incremental
Depletion like ominous death dealer
Nailed to the ceiling
I can not turn this world on its head
Can not buy myself more time
Empty precious seconds
Prolong the torturous inception
Of this dance of the dead
It will claim me once more
It has neutralized the escapists options
It has cornered the resourceful
And sealed closed the labyrinth
I was left to wander the endless maze
Where they blockaded all the exits
And there face to face
The last grain of sand
Fell from above
It's echo shook the earth like
New age atomic bomb
The sound it carried
Would swarm my consciousness
Like army of locusts
There, was the light-shattered
It was all still out of focus
And I witnessed the dust fall
And settle on the surface
Of this manufactured wasteland
Time was obliterated
There was no longer
A tomorrow to chase
In this lifetime
I held off the day
To preserve a false future
I held off the day

And time took me with it

Monday, 7 December 2015

Poem: Last Words and My Melted Wings Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

Last Words and My Melted Wings
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)
Website:  MisanthropicPoetry

Time to walk away
Like you haven't waited
For this day
For what's seemed like
Eternity, eternally
Just like you,
I've been broken
Beyond repair
Worn down and
Watching it die
Before my eyes
Only left with
An empty heart
Only left with
No meaning left
No reason less
No purpose for
The smothered flame
Won't suffer death
With poise and grace
How do you trade
The all you love
For anything
What more could I say
To explain the moth to flame
You think it's madness
As we fly into the embers
Like chasing bliss
Could never cause someone pain
Assume it's insanity
That drives this odd behavior
And it breaks your heart
Each time we're burned alive
But we've got a smile on our face
You'd think, eventually
I'm sure reason would prevail
Over instinct and embracing
Of one's fate
I wish I could give you
What you've wanted
But I'm certain that it
Doesn't work this way
I've never dreamed
Of the simple life
Or picket fences
Just flying, and fire

And living for the day

Poem: ..and Finally Flesh To Stone Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015

..and Finally Flesh To Stone
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

A desolate landscape
Barren unending silence
Pristine tranquility
Lonesome vice of
I only crave
The island
The void in avoidance
Fits better than
Circle to square
Too effortless
Too easy
Too appealing
And too self aware
I can kill the disappointment

If I let them disappear

Album Review: Gilgamesh - “The Awakening” - Review by Haniel Adhar

Gilgamesh- “The Awakening”  (2014)
Album Review Format: Youtube streaming
Genre: Metal; Sub-genre: Blackened Death Metal
Date Of Release:  September 6th, 2014
Record Label: Independent
Website: Gilgamesh

Track listing:
Eclipse 01:32
Astaroth 06:05
Slaying in the Name of Ishtar 06:34
The Astronomer 06:21
Aeons of Hate 05:25
Evocating Enlil 06:25
To the Temple of Nippur 00:44
The Curse of Akkade 13:55

Review by Haniel Adhar

Gilgamesh is a “Blackened Death Metal” band from Germany, with a style not unlike that of early The Crown/Crown of Thorns in some ways, with identifiable elements of thrash metal and mid-90’s death metal, and I hear some Naglfar in there. The more I listen to this, the more I hear Behemoth and Grief of Emerald. Fans of those bands would love this.

Being that I am utterly fascinated with the story of Gilgamesh, I thought this was something that I should review. Well, I was impressed and disappointed in several different ways.
First off, let’s give these guys credit for extraordinary musicianship and nailing their “genre” perfectly. And it is the latter that disappointed me: it is so genre-specific that it comes across as lacking originality, from a musical perspective, while being almost completely original from a lyrical perspective.

Another thing that I had a hard time with is the use of programmed digital samples in the beginning of the album and in other places (at least it sounds like programming to me). This is an unfair criticism, however, because the band I am in uses full time brass instruments and I am obsessed with live brass, so I can’t expect every band that uses symphonic elements to use real instruments. That is just not fair. But, needless to say, my ear has become numb to hearing digitalized instruments, and to me it takes away from the music now, instead of adding to it. If I was to make a suggestion to this acutely talented band is to try and incorporate real instruments in the future. They really don’t take a lot of musical risks on this album, and I would think that by branching out and incorporating different instrumentation for the symphonic elements, it would clearly separate the band from the rest of the pack doing this style. The riffing can be too “identifiable”, which leads me back to how they hit that blackened death metal sound almost a little too perfectly.

The vocals tend to be predictable and generic at times, while the incorporation of semi-harsh vocals is a nice change of pace, but also feels forced. But the performance of the vocalist is top notch, if this style is something the listener prefers then there won’t be any disappointment. It kind of reminds me of Man Must Die in some places, which is not a bad thing. There are times though where the “singing” just doesn’t work for me. The vox, however, are really the only place in this that I can see that they are taking any musical risks, and I feel that they could have done more in other areas instead.

My criticisms are harsh, and probably too harsh. But my expectations are high here.

From a talent and musicianship standpoint, this is some top notch stuff. The guitars are well played, tight, and clearly mistake free (which is becoming harder to detect with modern Audio Software dominating the industry). Yet, as a guitarist, I can really appreciate and respect the playing here. I made the comparison to The Crown, and in my opinion the guitar playing exceeds that of The Crown, especially in the clarity and accuracy of the solos, the exceptional harmonies, and the proggy-type chords in places. Really enjoyable to hear this and it will appeal to many guitar-o-philes for sure. Good work, to say the least.

The drummer can flat out play. Flat out. So, this is one of the highlights of the album. The dude smokes. Based on their live videos, this guy is doing what he is doing in the studio on stage, and that should be commended. There are some parts where the bassist is doing some funky stuff, and even a solo, which is cool to hear. We can all probably agree that the song writing is very good as well, if at times some of the songs drag a bit, but that is a minor criticism that fans of this particular style will not have an issue with. Clearly, these guys put some serious effort into how they created their songs. Another positive aspect of this album.

The band sent us the youtube link and I did not receive individual song files or a hard copy to review, and it was hard to keep track of the songs on youtube. So, no track-by-track description for this one…please refers to the Bandcamp link for higher quality files and information. The production value is clear, modern, and professional, and almost clinical and sterile at times, which is the case for many metal bands today, so that criticism is void.

Final Verdict:
This is good stuff. it worthy of the moniker “Gilgamesh, he who is 2/3 divine, son of the Goddess NIN.SUN, and king of Erech who is the slayer of the beast Humwawa and the Bull of Heaven, while on his search for the Everlife”? I don’t know! (*grin*). But this sure is very good metal music that should appeal to a wide variety of metal fans. Personally, I enjoyed it in spite of my critiques.

The short list:
Genre: Metal; Sub-genre: Blackened Death Metal
For Fans Of: Behemoth, The Crown, Dissection
Production Value: professional, clear
Musicianship: High
Re-listen value: Moderate
To Buy or Not to buy? BUY

Album Review: Demon Lung - "A Dracula" - Reviewed By: Alan Lisanti

Demon Lung - "A Dracula"
Album Review Format: mp3 streaming
Date Of Release: June 15th, 2015
Record Label: Candlelight Records (UK)
Genre: Doom Metal

Tracklist: 1. Rursumque Alucarda
2. Behold, The Daughter
3. I Am Haunted
4. Gypsy Curse
5. Deny The Savior
6. Mark Of Jubilee
7. Rursumque Adracula
8. Raped By The Serpent

Reviewed By: Alan Lisanti

Demon Lung hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. They're the type of band that has a clear foundation, (in this case Doom), but that is difficult to classify because of the assorted influences that find their way into the songs as well. There is a touch of Death Metal, a subtle Gothic undertone in sections, some Stoner Metal tendencies, and an element of Thrash in the riffing that crawl their way to the surface in these predominately Doom oriented songs. The result is an amalgamation of many different sub-genres that manifest into a unique and well crafted hybrid of heaviness on their most recent release, A Dracula. The album is 8 songs long, and pulls you in from the moment the hauntingly beautiful instrumental kicks in on the first track. This opening is immediately followed by the drawn out assault of heaviness and distortion starting with the 2nd track, "Behold, The Daughter", and continuing from there. The songs typically range from 5 to 7 minutes which gives them plenty of room to breathe and space to venture off into, while never becoming redundant or stagnant. These are the kind of songs that command your attention and encourage you to drown out the world and get lost in the music. This is an album that is best digested from start to finish because of the way the songs are crafted, and the way the band expands upon their ideas as the music progresses. There is a refreshing mix of dark melody and heavy riffing here that manages to walk the fine line between grittiness and good song writing. The heaviness is never sacrificed for the melody, and the melody never takes away from the heaviness. Instead, the two are blended in a way that is vocally reminiscent of Pat Benatar or a lot of the "real" Rock bands from back in the day, you know when they still had "soul" and "humanity". Yet, it stands completely on it's own as honest and new in that Shanda sounds like Shanda, not a rehash or a ripoff, but a unique quality in it's own right, in her vocal approach. This coupled with the extra sense of heaviness, Metal, Doom and assorted other influences in the music makes the band and the album stand on it's own as a strong and creatively original force within a genre that has seen it's fair share of recycled ideas, and rehash acts. I can hear shades of Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin, early Lost Paradise era Paradise Lost, and a lot more in the music, but most of all I just hear Demon Lung. The 4th track, "Gypsy Curse", alone is worth checking out if you're still unsure. I'll give this one 9 out of 10 horns. It's worth the listen. In fact, after listening to this album, I think it needs to be added to the collection.

Score: 9 out of 10 horns

Album Review: The Clan Destined - "In The Big Ending" Reviewed by: Geoff McGraw

The Clan Destined - "In The Big Ending"
Date of Release: February 2015
Album Review Format: Streaming Audio
Record Label: Hammerheart Records
Genre: Folk Metal

Reviewed by: Geoff McGraw

Track listing:
1. Swinging Like Judas
2. I Am Because We Are
3. T.C. Lethbridge
4. A Beautiful Start To The End Of The World
5. Devil For A Day
6. More Than War

For those who are "in the know" about folk metal you will already recognize Martin Walkyier. The vocal cords behind Sabbat & Skyclad gives us another album well worth owning. HOWEVER......
I must admit I am scratching my head a bit on this release. In all truthfulness it isn't new material. Originally released as a demo in 2006 this is essentially a simple re-release of the same. Now if you missed it the 1st time around, now is the perfect time to get a copy. Just six tracks long it wastes no time in jumping right in and giving you a rollicking blast with "Swinging Like Judas", Martins' bombastic, swinging vocals are ultimately fun. The instrumentation matches his energy, and mixes the metal with a touch of funk, keys give the production a little more smoothness and bulk to the sound. No weak songs among the lot, making it a good time listening and easily encourages repeat plays.

Now the question is will the band actually continuing as an ongoing concern? Formed in 2004, they recorded this demo, and then broke up in 2005 because of internal band strife. Walkyier then released the demo with the help of Any Sneap and James Murphy. "Clan" Reformed in 2009, but this demo/re-release is still the only recording to date.

I would still recommend the purchase of the album/ep/demo, you will also find similar offerings from Walkyiers' other projects. Then you can also keep an eye out for that most rare of creatures....another "The Clan Destined"release.

6.5 horns out of 10

Album Review: Viking Guitar- "Sugoi"

Viking Guitar - Sugoi
Date of Release: 2015
Record Label: Independent
Album Review Format: Streaming Audio

Reviewed by: Geoff McGraw

Track listings: 1.MMMBop 2.Scream 3.We Want The Airwaves

Viking Guitar is best known for Hard Rock remixes of video game music/songs. Aside from that distinction this 3 song ep is still covers from, in reverse order, The Ramones, The Misfits, and (gawd help us).......Hanson.....Yes that MMMbop.

The players are all competent and the songs are well played, but honestly I would rather hear the originals....except for THAT SONG, you know the one I mean..... the 1st track. It was bad enough that we heard that song on every supermarket radio station during th 90's as it was, did we really need a hard rock cover? According to the artist, the recording of this bit of pop music history was the result of a lost bet, unfortunately for the rest of us. Any attempt to soften the blow with the 2nd and 3rd covers on this ep was simply not enough. The only way to have made the Hanson cover worth it would have been to totally alter it making it nearly unrecognizable, and therefore a poke at the hatred for the song.

I was excited about hearing the ep, titled "Sugoi" which is a bit of Japanese slang which can mean Fantastic or Terrible or both at the same time. An appropriate title for this fantastically terrible idea. I was disappointed.

4 of 10 horns