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Album Review: Cries Of Your Sins - 2016 Promo Reviewed by: Fury

Cries Of Your Sins
Album: 2016 Promo
Genre: Extreme Metal
Country: Czech Republic
Label: Independent
Release: February 15, 2016
Reviewed by: Fury

A World of Two Suns
King of No-One

Here we have Mike Coy's solo Extreme Metal project Cries Of Your Sins from the Czech Republic. As of June 2014, Cries Of Your Sins put out their first 4-track demo simply entitled "Demo 2014". Wondering what happened for a while and two years have gone by before Cries Of Your Sins could release “2016 Promo” which includes two promotional pre-production version tracks, entitled "A World of Two Suns" and "King of No-One". Mike Coy wrote all the music, lyrics, played the guitars, bass and vocals on these two songs while hiring a session drummer named Honza Kapak. Mike is currently working on his debut album and on February 27th, 2015 Cries Of Your Sins signed with Naturmacht Productions, who will be releasing it, but no dates have been mentioned and will be released both physical and digital.

Cries Of Your Sins has a good assorted bag of goodies, borrowing different metal elements from Thrash, Melodic Death Metal, avant-garde and Black Metal, but Mike Coy is showing his ability to intertwine those elements into a coherent and flowing self-released recording. Both "A World of Two Suns" and "King of No-One" are utilizing the stringed instruments given a serene atmosphere while the vocals add a dark extreme style of metal. Each instrument starts to build momentum with thundering bass lines with interesting chugging bass overlays, while the guitars are rising great melody lines, waling thrash sound, scale driven riff work that was catchy and killer drumming, that will break down any obstructions while still staying within his personal realms of extreme metal.

I wonder if this was recorded, premixed, and produced with the assistance of Honza Kapak who is the mastermind behind Hellsound Studio and also a talented and well-rounded musician (After Rain, Avenger, Impuritum, Murder, Panychida, Radiolokátor, etc.). The production is well-crafted and at a professional level.

Cries Of Your Sins bring an intense atmosphere. Both pre-production version tracks are good offerings and looking forward to listen to the full debut album.

Album Review: Gloria Morti - "Kuebiko" - Reviewed by: Fury

Gloria Morti
Album: Kuebiko
Genre: Black/Melodic Death Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Willowtip Records
Release: March 18th, 2016
Reviewed by: Fury

1. Syntymä
2. The Foul Stench of Vomiting Blood
3. Josef Fritzl
4. Chimeral Form
5. Death by a Thousand Cuts (Lingchi)
6. Case No. 1102162
7. Gallows Built in Rows
8. Executioner
9. The Termination of All Bonds

Gloria Morti hail from Finland and they have been creating some remarkable Black/Death Metal since they formed in 1999. Gloria Morti expertly blend a mixture of thrash, melodies and black metal, with a surreal atmospheric elements for many years throughout each release; ThornGarden (Demo, 2001), Ephemeral Life Span (Demo, 2002), Gomorrah (Demo, 2002), The Cerberos Gate (Demo, 2002), Lifestream Corrosion (Full-length, 2004), Phoenix Caged in Flesh (Demo, 2005), Eryx (Full-length, 2008), Anthems of Annihilation (Full-length, 2010), Lateral Constraint (Full-length, 2012) and their current release Kuebiko (Full-length, 2016).

While the album opens, you will hear some spoken word chants, leading into some killer death metal growls, blast beats and starting off their intensity musical direction with their first brutal track "Syntymä". The vocalist (under the name Pyscho), does a miraculous combination of vocal styles from deep death metal to some high pitched black metal throughout each track. While listening to "The Foul Stench of Vomiting Blood" it blew my mind with the intensity and my heart rate increased with strong guitar work, killer vocal ranges and drumming that shines through the darkness corners within my mind. Founding member Juho Räihä (Before the Dawn, Swallow the Sun (live) and Wolfheart (live)) is no stranger to the extreme scene with his creations. His guitar work and skills are brilliant on this release. Their lyrics are obscure and have an interesting morbid twist while Aki Salonen's bass lines in "Gallows Built in Rows" really show through along with the onslaught of soaring vicious riffs and solos created by both Juho Räihä and Eero Silvonen which almost left me salivating.

Gloria Morti's 5th album "Kuebiko" has displayed some skillful technically and notable riffs, striking solos, sick and yet brutal vocals, sufficient amount of keyboards enhancing the atmosphere, severe drumming creating a well-crafted level of brutality leaving you replaying this album constantly. The production was clear and very professional for this combination of metal. I recommend each track that delivers something everyone can appreciate in the melodic death metal and black metal scene.

Album Review: Tagarot - "Veleda's Prophecy" - Reviewed by: Fury

EP: Veleda's Prophecy
Genre: Folk Metal
Country: Austria
Label: Independent
Release: January 10th, 2016

Reviewed by: Fury

01. Tears (Intro)
02. Veleda's Prophecy
03. Callis Sanguinis
04. The Shaman's Path
05. Samant
06. Bloodsoaked Earth
07. Fate and Fear

A relaxing evening in my metal throne while the lights are out and it's almost pitched black but the moon is peeking dimly through my window. It's a perfect setting to listen to traditional Celtic melodies... emphatic folk music beats and metal crunchiness go together quite nicely and soak it all in. I’m interested in listening to the folk metal band Tagarot (steams from the ancient German language meaning dawn), hailing from Austria who is an up and coming band in this scene and their debut EP, "Veleda's Prophecy" in which they released on bandcamp, Youtube and Soundcloud.

Their EP has brought to my attention that it’s a conceptual release based on a pagan priestess, Veleda, of the Bructerii, who led one of the greatest tribal European revolts against Rome. She was a dominating political, a diplomatic authority, rebellion against the Roman Empire, who guided battle strategies in conjunction with the chieftain Civilis and she also foretold Germanic folks will have victory of that war, for which many of us don’t learn about in history class. I guess it depends on what country you live in and your cultural upbringing. A German remembers Veleda as a goddess or as a "weird-elf" who would protect the forests, and roamed the lands on an outlook for any harm done to nature. Veleda is widely known for her considerable prophetic powers and was also held in high esteem by the Romans. In the reign of Emperor Vespasian she’s honored as a goddess. In ancient Germany (and among some Nordic individuals) it was believed that priestesses were capable of seeing the forthcomings. She was highly honored and worshipped by her tribe and these tribes treated women like Veleda as their living goddesses. Veleda practiced as a Völva (shamanic priestess) for her tribe, the Bructeri, in the northeast parts of Germany. The word Völva means ‘wand carrier’ or ‘wand bearer’. Today, many modern philosophies about witchcraft and wizardry stem from the practices of women just like Veleda. Within this release you will get a great sense of some emotional involvement from their point of view through listening to the sounds and tones of the music and their lyrics. That is well conceived and delivers after several times listening to it.

The spoken chanted words opening "Tears (Intro)" with wonderful folk instruments are setting off the atmosphere of this EP, leading into "Veleda's Prophecy", thus adding some heavy and melodic riffs and still have some mixed thoughts on the female vocals within this song. There were some moments that I felt the female vocals were a little off in some sections "Veleda's Prophecy" in the beginning but becomes stronger as the tracks play. She has good vocals and found them more enchanting as I listened to them many times. Although, I was just informed that vocalist Carina Linder has departed and I wonder who will take her place. "Veleda's Prophecy" traditional folk instruments, guitar riffs and drums were good and grabbed more of my attention compared to the clean vocals.

Through the use of traditional folk instruments, one of the biggest things about this band which really sold them to me was Julian Brockmeier. An excellent musician who -throughout this release- is playing Bagpipes, Mandolin, Tin & low whistles which stood out with impressive melodies. I also found it interesting that Julian can play Irish Bouzouki well because it’s an interesting instrument to enact and for some time it was lost in folklore as well as Bodhran. I would wonder if they will use Bodhran for their next release. But also many musicians started to use Greek bouzouki in the 60’s within Irish songs and dance music but was pleased he used Irish Bouzouki. Mandolin is also another interesting instrument that uses a fifth-based tunings, its most often used G2-D3-A3-E4 and I have noticed over the years many have been using an alternate tunings such as: G2-D3-A3-D4, A2-D3-A3-D4 or A2-D3-A3-E4 but you normally need to create perfect fifths and it’s a beautiful instrument to learn to play and its a part of the lute family. Occasionally, I’ll get a little side tracked and will add a little history especially for instruments that are used from my own background cultures, but I have to admit that Julian has mastered each instrument, bringing this release to a higher rating as each instrument is weaving in and out of songs extremely well. The tin whistles deserve credit bringing nice images through my mind as if I was in "Emerald Isle" (country side of Ireland) while hearing their melodies that enriches the EP.

The chief Callis are ready for battle, while holding up their chalices drinking the Romans blood is a short image that came into my mind while listening to "Callis Sangiunis". Excellent song to dive into and the guitar work is massive with melodies. Great work on vocals and other instruments that left a good impact.

Shamanism traditions and techniques can be trailed more than 5,000 years, while it roughly translates as “one who sees in the dark” and given to traditional tribal healers of the Tungus people. Several shamanic practices involve a deep meditation, sometimes in a deep trance state that will ameliorate with discovering the nature of a problem and while trying to determine potential hope, solutions, and healing. In many cultures, a shaman is a healer, and spiritual director.

While channeling, exchanging and releasing my energies listening to this EP, their song "The Shaman's Path" comes on and my darkened moods evoke magical or shamanistic powers with their rhythmic playing and sung passages, to glorify your future while seeing the beautiful side of our world. An eccentric song from the beginning to last note. "Samant" opens with talents and fervent choirs sung in a call and response pattern to a simple folk melody and around 2:38 into the song, an image of a Snake charming came into my mind with a slight Egyptian and an age old Indian folk art feel and powerful emotions. Lyrical section adds a contrasting energetic section with the instruments. Fantastic guitar leads and rhythms and solo work.

A good mixture of death and black growling vocals, clean and sung passages occurring in some songs, enlightened and branding their presence while evoking Germanic priestess battling against Romans through their lyrics and songwriting. The guitar riffs, solos, melodies were catchy and guitar tracks 2 through 7 were created by Benjamin Steiner were worthy. While Simon Brockmeier is very good accordion player, I wondered if Simon was using a Schrammelharmonika (Schrammel accordion) from Germany. Lukas Barani, trials of a few blast beats within some songs and not overcooked. Tagarot effectively harmonizing throughout the EP, which I found pleasant.

Overall, this album is good in terms of originality theme; rhythmic folk plots and has some catchiness. "Callis Sangiunis" sung by both Carina Linder and the growling of Daniel Wierczeiko, "The Shaman's Path", "Samant", opening with the skillful drums work building up an intensity and vocals dual contribute immensely to the creation of a folk music ambiance in "Blood Soaked Earth", while the mighty closing track "Fate and Fear" were my favorite ones off their EP. The folk instruments complexity and style won me over. The production was decent for a self-release recording and "Veleda's Prophecy" was mixed by Daniel Wierczeiko at Wooden Cube Studio in Germany. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Tagarot in the future.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Album Review: Crashdollz "Punks In America" reviewed by Dave Wolff

Band: Crashdollz
Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Album: Punks In Amerika
Genre: Punk/Metal
Label: RadicLea Records
Release date: March 18, 2016
Label website:
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Hellcat
2. Punks In America
3. Scumbag Superstar
4. Murder A Go - Go
5. Novakain
6. Stab The Ground
7. Activate
8. Getaway Man
9. Fuck Me Nation
10. Smack My Bitch Up
11. Blowpop Destruction

I was introduced to this Detroit band by Kat who put me in touch with guitarist Rachel Rekkit. Rachel in turn forwarded me the Soundcloud link to this album. I remember reading articles about the state of Detroit when the city was bankrupt for quite some time. The musicianship surely reflects that time period; you can almost feel the sense of extreme poverty and sense of mortal danger in every note. This was the city that gave us Death, a proto-punk band that wrote songs like Politicians In My Eyes and You’re A Prisoner, in the early 70s. Death was one of the first bands to openly discuss African American’s roles in the US before Bad Brains and Living Colour. Crashdollz do something similar raising points that have been the subject of debate for a good number of years. The songs on Punks In Amerika is a symbiosis of early punk and early metal that touches a lot on the role of women in music. This band’s position is clear as they make the argument that a female should be viewed as a legitimate musician and not eye candy. I relate this to the Lower East Side of New York, particularly from the 80s to the mid 90s, when the transgender lifestyle was in full swing and a frequent target of bigotry and local punks considered females equal to males while the mainstream looked down on them as ‘freaks’ and ‘sluts’ and not like the so-called ‘beautiful people.’ If you like Toilet Boys, you’ll appreciate Crash Dollz, as their ties to metal are similar in many respects. You have songs like Hellcat, Scumbag Superstar, Novakain, Stab The Ground, Getaway Man and Fuck Me Nation, which reawaken the aforementioned issues about women in rock and answer the question in no uncertain terms. The guitars are loud, distorted and slightly chaotic while Nikki Darling’s vocals project woman power over the cacophony with a vengeance. Recommended for those of you who are disillusioned with Britney Spears and other pop divas.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Album Review: Time To Bleed "Die With Dignity" reviewed by Dave Wolff

Band: Time To Bleed
Album: Die With Dignity
Genre: Death metal
Location: Braunschweig, Germany
Label: Kernkraftritter Records
Released: January 8, 2016
Cover art by: Lowenart (
Do Me A Favor And Kill Me (Facebook):
Do Me A Favor And Kill Me (Youtube):
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff

This is not to say you should tell a book by its cover, but brutal death metal albums usually have descriptive covers promising music to encourage the savage beast. When checking out Time To Bleed, you can be sure to experience that. The cover artwork adorning Die With Dignity (designed by Lowenart) is like a madman’s depiction of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the 1974 theatrical release), complete with a deranged killer, victims, blood, entrails and a secluded place far from the safety of civilization. More album artwork can be viewed at Lowenart’s Facebook community page linked above. The band formed in 2009, released a demo (Theory Of Cremation) in 2010 and released an EP (Necroscience) in 2013 prior to releasing Die With Dignity this past January. As they are from the country that gave us groundbreaking bands like Destruction, Sodom and Kreator, Time To Bleed have a profound tradition to uphold. All things considered, Die With Dignity is a worthy successor to the ancient champions of German thrash metal. You don’t get overdone blast here, and you get more than enough heaviness, precision, guttural vocals and double bass. Also elements of Death, Hypocrisy and Grave; all worthwhile bands who have influenced many in death metal. With frenetic, dissonant guitars, an appropriate amount of atmosphere to enhance certain songs and no groove or nu metal, the album is firmly entrenched in death metal’s 90s roots. I like how the first song Soil Their Bodies starts abruptly, indicating a drive to get things underway immediately. The next track, the title track, begins with a sample but it’s unclear where it’s from. I was thinking it could have been a movie about Jim Jones but don’t quote me. I would have liked to know the source of this sample but this is information I didn’t have access to. Impaled is one of the faster, more manic tracks and one of my personal favorites. Besides being one of the songs that display blast percussion, it shows the guitarists working hard on their riff playing. From Darkness To Death contains lots of crunching and some dissonant notes that slightly reminded me of old Burzum. Self Created Gods sees more crunching as well as Slayer-ish rhythms. I’d have liked to read the lyrics as the song’s suggested subject matter is the practice of using scripture for one’s own ends. Messenger Of Death has still more crunch, shades of Hypocrisy in the harmonies and riffs that speak of some classical influence. Devastation hearkens to 90s DM with more hints of Hypocrisy. Violated is another favorite, with more blast and involved songwriting. The Surgeon closes the album with inventive lead harmonies and an intensity that managed to last from the beginning.

Track list:
1. Soil Their Bodies
2. Die with Dignity
3. Impaled
4. From Darkness to Death
5. Self Created Gods
6. Messenger of Death
7. Devastation
8. Violated
9. The Surgeon

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Album Review: Isolated Antagonist - Affirmation Of Entropy Reviewed by: Alan Lisanti

Isolated Antagonist
Title: Affirmation Of Entropy
Album Review Format: MP3
Date Of Release: February 16, 2016
Record Label: Bluntface Records
Genre: Sci-Fi Metal/Industrial Metal

Reviewed by: Alan Lisanti

Tracklist: 1. Into The Dark
                  2. Void
                  3. Trapped
                  4. Receptor
                  5. New Light Now Made
                  6. The Archetype Defined
                  7. Dark Nomad
                  8. The Infernos Son
                  9. Words Beyond Time
                10. The Protagonist Denied
                11. Affirmation Of Entropy
                12. The Last Death
                13. Gather The Past
                14. Prototype For Babylon
                15. Celestial

Affirmation Of Entropy is the second offering from Isolated Antagonist. If 90's throwback Industrial Metal was the bands aim, as others have suggested, than the band hits their mark without question. If you were a fan of early Fear Factory, or even Demanufacture/Remanufacture era Fear Factory, than this release should be right up your alley. The music, and synths, as well as the combination of effects with the variations of both members vocals creates an atmospheric and layered sound that invokes a sort of futuristic dystopian sensibility. This is clearly intentional, and I suppose the name is fitting in this regard. This comes across just in the sound and overall feeling created by the combination of sounds in the songs. As it turns out, lyrically and thematically, the story and concept of this album is based around exactly that idea. This is the story of the last man left on Earth, and how he faces that reality. The concept is an interesting one, and is brought to life in the songs. While the Synth work clearly plays a key role in providing the backdrop for some sort of futuristic bleakness in the sound, there are times where it seems a bit too overpowering. However there are also times where it seems to be exactly what the song calls for. There are times where both the clean and harsh vocals are very reminiscent of Burton C. Bell's work, but there are also times where both are more unique and don't really sound like him at all. The Archetype Defined, has some of the more interesting riff work. Receptor, and Words Beyond Time also stand out as they are a bit more out of the norm from some of the other songs. That's a good thing. Besides being a bit too long with a total of 15 songs, I'm sure if Industrial Metal is your thing, you'll appreciate the bands efforts and execution. Affirmation Of Entropy is out now on Bluntface Records.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10 horns

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Album Review: Occultation "Silence in the Ancestral House" reviewed by Dave Wolff

Band: Occultation
Album: Silence in the Ancestral House
Released: October 14, 2014
Label: Profound Lore
Genre: Dark metal
Location: New York City
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Intro
2. The First Of The Last
3. Laughter In The Halls Of Madness
4. All Hallows Fire
5. The Place Behind The Sky
6. The Dream Tide
7. Intermission
8. Forever Hereafter
9. Silence In The Ancestral House

When I heard of this band and their range of influences I jumped at the chance to review it, feeling suddenly inspired by the fact that the city still produces creative and innovative bands. There will always be bands that push the envelope of what metal bands can do with their songwriting and find new directions. Of Beauty And Madness was the last band I heard of that incorporated several genres into a sound to exclusively call their own. Occultation do the same on their 2014 full length Silence In The Ancestral House. I noticed the production is quite raw, indicating Occultation are at an early developmental stage. Or they chose to produce this with a certain amount of rawness to contribute to its effect. Either way the production presents a motif similar to raw black metal, which makes you feel you’re opening a forgotten centuries-old crypt and observing what’s inside through a thick haze. Add atmosphere and elements of punk, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, goth rock, 70s occult rock and traditional metal and the result is something truly eclectic arranged in a manner you wouldn’t expect. Think of Ozzy-era Black Sabbath and mid-80s era Voivod meeting through a time warp; even then you’re just beginning to conceptualize what this band is capable of. The surreal cover art also gives an impression of what to expect here but you really have to listen firsthand. The album was produced by Kurt Ballou who previously worked with Converge; this band proved a new experience given their diverse aspects. Silence In The Ancestral House begins with a bizarre intro; its circus like atmosphere gives way to an acoustic guitar passage similar to Testament. Then this haunting female voice kicks in. and by now you know you’re in for an otherworldly experience. And this is just an intro to the rest of the album. Over the next eight tracks you’re taken on a journey through unearthly landscapes and unexplored ethereal planes that might make those thought up by Pink Floyd seem a walk in the park. There are so many mood changes throughout this recording you’ll feel you had traveled longer and farther than you would have dared. The raw production I mentioned earlier works for many of these tunes but on future recordings I’d like to hear something more polished in that department.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Album Review: Band: Auðn - "Auðn" Reviewed by: Nick Yngve

Album: Auðn
Label: Metallic Media
Genre: Melodic Black Metal

Reviewed by: Nick Yngve

1. Klerkaveldi
2. Undir blóðmána
3. Sífreri
4. Feigð
5. Landvættur
6. Þjáning heillar þjóðar
7. Auðn

Auðn were formed in 2010 in Iceland and this is their first album, released in November of 2014. It might be 1 and a half year almost, but it doesn't matter. This band knows what to do. Cold yet extremely melodic black metal with the use of lyrics in their own language and the package is ready. It took them 4 years to prepare their first first hit but it was worth the wait for sure. Throughout the album, I found influences from Immortal, Enslaved and even Manegarm and Hirilorn!!! The band is mature, well bonded between the members and it shows in every song, in every riff. For me, one very strong point is the singer. His vocals are harsh, yet clean and well performed. Of course that doesn't mean that the whole band doesn't know how to play. On the contrary, every instrument is played and nailed. Also the production of this album is something that must be mentioned. Not very clean, but exactly as raw as it should be for the atmosphere of music played under the cold mountains and fjords to be delivered! I wish that we could have more material to listen and review, but I hope that they will not stop here. We will see them down the road very soon and it will be a blast and you all can be sure about that! Well played Auðn... Well played!!!

Album Review: Serpent Noir - "Erotomysticism" Reviewed by: Nick Yngve

Serpent Noir
Title: Erotomysticism
Label: Daemon Worship Productions
Genre: Black Metal

Reviewed by: Nick Yngve

1. Path of the Raven
2. The Veritable Red Dragon
3. Ayin
4. Al Runa
5. Desert of Azazel
6. The Initiatrice of A'arab Zaraq
7. The Dioscuri of Darkness
8. Ayahuasca
9. Mephistophelian Pacts

Serpent Noir hail from Athens, Hellas and formed in 2006. It is one of the few bands I know that still keep their lineup steady after 10 years of existence. So far they have released the "Sanguis XI" EP in 2010, the "Seeing Through the Shadow Consciousness (Open Up the Shells)" full length album in 2012 and "Gateway to the Nightside" split EP with Andramelech in 2013.
"Erotomysticism" is their second full length album, which was released on the 30th of April in 2015.
The album begins with a ritual "song" that reminded me a lot of Phurpa (or the Masters of Bon as they are called by some people). A very mourning like track that gets you instantly in the mood of waiting what you listen next. The band is shows from the first second where their hearts and minds are devoted. After the second track, black metal kicks in. Don't expect ultra-fast blast beats and squealing vocals. Here we have some people with their minds settled and they know what they want to give to the people listening to them. With the addition of some help from respected musicians in metal, like Christofer Johnsson and Thomas Karlsson from Therion and Mika Belfagor from Ofermod among others, their second album becomes a masterpiece of ritualistic black metal art. The atmosphere that they put out along with the lyrics and the occult philosophy of the band and all of that combined with the Sumerian and Mesopotamian influences are giving the listener the means to "travel" to the ancient lands of Knowledge and Magick. Almost in the middle of the album, another ritualistic track comes and again it made me close my eyes and "see" further beyond our reality before they return to the overall black metal they can play so good.

All in all, this album is one of the best releases that came from Hellas the previous year. I highly recommend it to every black metal fan, especially to those who like Acherontas, Acrimonius, Melechesh and of course ambient and ritual music.

Album Review: Ad Noctem Funeriis - "Satan's March Black Metal" Reviewed by: Nick Yngve

Ad Noctem Funeriis
Album: Satan's March Black Metal
Label: Symbol of Domination Prod.
Genre: Black Metal

Reviewed by: Nick Yngve

1. Intro
2. Fuck Christian's Cross
3. Holy Whore
4. Inquisition of Christ
5. Arcana
6. Litanie a Satana
7. Raising Evil
8. Satan's March Black Metal

Here we have a band from Italy, existing since 2003. This is their 2nd full length album released in 2015. Before that, they have the "Apocalyptic Vision of Death" demo in 2004, the "Sotto L' Oscura Alleanza" split EP in 2008 and their first full length album entitled "...Of Evil and Torment" in 2009.

Once again, Italian black metal does not disappoints. After the intro which is something like an demonic possession during a Christian mass, Satan himself comes out of the speakers to take your soul, chew it and then spit it in the lower depths of Hell!!!  Obvious influences from Marduk and it is going that way until the end of the album! No compromising in this one! Speaking about the production of the album, there is nothing less that I could expect from a band like that. Clean and raw as it should be! The guitars with the tremolo riffing are like chainsaws straight to your face. The bass is a stone wall to cover your tomb and the vocals are probably coming from the demonic possession we listened in the intro of the album! Awesome from the first second until the moment the album closes!!! One more thing that will surely take you by surprise (a good one) is that the riffs at some point are a bit folkish... There are melodies here and there that will take you in a bit of a viking/celtic mood but just for a while. Then it is blasphemous black metal again!

A flawless album by an awesome band. I must admit that I didn't know about them, so I am glad I did this review. Check them out. They are here to stay!!!

Album Review: Hanal Pixan - "Noh Mul" Reviewed by: Nick Yngve

Hanal Pixan
Album: Noh Mul
Label: Letargia Subversiva Records
Genre: Black Metal

Reviewed by: Nick Yngve

1. Ch'i'bal Maya
2. El Alux Guardian
3. Muul ba'ate'el
4. Nachan ka'an

Hanal Pixan is a band from Belize and they exist since 2013. So far they have 2 releases, this EP which you will be reading about in a while and a full length album entitled "In Lu'umil Belice", released in 2015. The band was formed as a one man's band by Halach Uinik Chuc (now on vocals and the traditional instruments) and soon Nojoch Brujo joined on guitars, bass and drums.

This EP contains 4 tracks and the lyrics and philosophy behind the band is the Mayan ancestry and heritage. One thing is for sure. They are very honest in what they do and it shows. Also the atmosphere is there alright, due to the use of synths, flutes and traditional instruments, but they need A LOT of work until they reach their goal. They must rehearse many hours before they can be an awesome band. They want to and there is no doubt about that, but they are not there yet. But I don't want to be bad and evil, so I will give them some points for the atmosphere and the honesty as I said before and also the vocals. Black metal to the right point and eerie enough to connect with the pain for the Mayan people.

Overall, this EP, if we count out the not so good playing, is a very decent effort which with the correct amount of practice will take the band to the next level.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Album Review: First Degree "Street Justice" reviewed by Dave Wolff

Band: First Degree
Album: Street Justice
Released: Jan 5, 2015
Label: Slam Worldwide
Genre: Beatdown Hardcore
Location: Anaheim, California
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff

Track list:
2. Burn Slow
3. Buried Deep
4. Bloodshed
5. Suppressed
6. False Valor
7. Slipping
8. Deadbeat
9. Out Cold
10. Street Justice

Fans of All Out War and Merauder will appreciate the controlled fury First Degree bring to the table. This recording is dreadfully, relentlessly heavy, like a Sherman tank running over an iPod. Released in 2015, Street Justice is the California band’s second full length, following up 2013’s Califormia Beatdown. I’ve been involved in the hardcore scene since 1986, when crossover started and metalheads started going to shows. There were isolated incidents of someone with long hair being jumped, but for the most part you could attend a show without having to periodically look over your shoulder. Crumbsuckers and Ludichrist from Long Island appeared at CBGB on a regular basis and were accepted by the skinheads as much as the HC bands. I read lyrics by Token Entry, Bold and Youth Of Today and found them meaningful. I prefer those lyrics to the “tough guy” approach of latter day hardcore. But this was a time when bands were pushing for unity, so I’m inclined to be fair even if I don’t completely agree with a band’s lyrical approach. I’d prefer to think First Degree are about weeding out troublemakers in the scene as opposed to throwing one’s weight around, so I can appreciate them on that level. This band personify art imitating life, and make it clear that stupidity is not tolerated at shows. A quote introducing CABD from someone (apparently a band member) confirms this, putting across the idea that if you cause trouble and can’t face being called on it, you shouldn’t be there. There’s a fine line between this and violence for its own sake, but from what I’ve seen the general purpose is to strengthen the local scene. The intro precedes an album of agonizingly slow guitars, ferocious mid-tempo beats, even slower breakdowns and vocals that sound like they’re just barely keeping all that aggression in check. Listening to these songs makes you want to join the pit before much time passes, and there is definitely that element allowing you to release pent up frustration that doesn’t waver until the album concludes.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Album Review: Xibalba "Tierra Y Libertad" reviewed by Dave Wolff

Band: Xibalba
Album: Tierra Y Libertad
Released: Jan 27, 2015
Genre: Hardcore / Death Metal
Location: Pomona, California
Physical CD:
Cold Cuts Merch:
All In Merch:
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Enemigo
2. Guerrilla
3. Invierno
4. Pausa
5. En Paz Descanse
6. Tierra Y Libertad
7. Si Dios Quiere
8. El Vacio

Xibalba hail from Pomona, California USA and this is their third full length since 2010 (I looked up the band on Encyclopedia Metallum and found that there are at two other bands with the same name; one from New York and one from Maryland; plus a band from Mexico called Xibalba Itzaes). The band also released a demo in 2007 and appeared on three split releases in 2010, 2012 and 2014. Right from the beginning of this recording I was reminded why I gravitated toward death metal like Brujeria and Grave in the mid-90s and grindcore like Terrorizer and Agathocles six years earlier. This 2015 release is a breath of fresh air after the pop mediocrity I experienced from 2000 to 2010, besides Metal By Numbers and other supposed novelty songs from that time period, not to mention the ever-growing stereotypes concerning fans of extreme music. In three quarters of an hour I reveled in relentlessly brutal guitars with jackhammer percussion, thundering bass and rasping vocals with a street-level edge I recall from gatherings at Wetlands and Coney Island High when Manhattan’s death metal scene was on the upswing. I could envision the gritty streets, feel the attitudes of the patrons who frequented those clubs, even if visiting where they stood would be like visiting the desecrated grave of a family member. It made me wonder how these elements could have diminished in recent years. Actually I imagine it was the city’s gentrification and the ‘money rules’ mentality that led the clubs we knew and loved to close down. Xibalba exists in direct opposition to the powers that be just as Napalm Death did and still do. This is death metal in the purest sense, completely stripped of the trappings I described just before. Listening to this CD, and really allowing myself to absorb the songs recorded for it, it feels as if the gentrification never happened and the scene is bigger than ever. The latter statement is not far from the truth, as bands have not less but more creative control today thanks to those social media sites. Tierra Y Libertad resurrects that pre-FUSE TV underground spirit and has elements that should appeal to fans of death metal and hardcore equally. I find it difficult to choose a favorite song from this album; if I had to it would be El Vacio, the album’s longest track which overwhelms you with its bleakness and variance in moods.

Thursday, 3 March 2016


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8.            GG Allin “Eat My Fuc”
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