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Zine Review: DAEMONUM Fanzine Issue XIV

DAEMONUM Fanzine Issue XIV
Facebook page: DAEMONUM Fanzine
Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos 
Date: April 2014

Daemonum hailing out of Mexico, is not new to the underground scene and for awhile a few issues were digital downloads and now they are back into printed issues as they've done before.

Although, this zine is written in Spanish, I had a friend translate a few interviews. The interview with Convulse was interesting, a good length and well done. The rest of the interviews were just as good. 

This issue includes extensive and well-written album reviews, some gig reports on big fest such as the Maryland Death Fest and Barge to Hell in 2012. In which they gave good coverage on them both so if you missed out you can read about it here. 

By viewing this zine you will notice that they know what they are talking about in the metal scene and work hard on putting this issue together. Good black and white layout and a zine that could use your support to keep them printing. Maybe in the future they will do a version in English. 

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Concert Review: Two Cow Garage & Sad and French

Two Cow Garage & Sad and French
Reviewed by: Lady Lea

A friend of mine gave me a call the last minute and invited me to hang out with her at Webster Hall because her husband had to work overtime. I never knew they was still such a thing as overtime unless you cleaning up the snow and rating in the extra NY city bucks, whereas many don't even have a job these days and not easy to come by. Anyways I took the offer to get out and enjoy myself instead of staying home sulking myself to sleep and worry about where I am going to live by the end of the month March.

I wish this eternal winter hell weather would end with all these snowstorms, below freezing temperatures but the cold we've had but these storms are unreal. I've never seen such storms in the many years of my life back to back like this ever. Have you? Something is just not right! My feet are so cold and my nose feels like its going to fall off my face. I couldn't wait to get inside.

Sad and French took the stage as a trio of a mixture of funk punk that was good, something that I would not normally listen to but they sure caught my attention and was shocked they had some sappy lyrics about faded memories and love. We all have heartbreaks some point in our life. They gave it their all with the high energy levels and got the crowd to interact. I'm not familiar with their material but I enjoyed myself.

Two Cow Garage took the stage and many fans went for a closer look and went up to the stage. I stood in the same area that had a good view and the sound was just perfect without blowing out my eardrums. They opened their set with "Stars & Gutters", "Glass City" and I was pleased to hear "Folksinger's Heart" in which are the only song I really know by hard. Were fans were singing along and shouting songs they wanted to hear. While bassist Shane Sweeney said, “I’m just glad you guys know all these songs.” They fans were pleased and I was pleased to get out of my apartment, hang out with my friend Shelly and saw a nice show these evening that was filled with energy. As my friend Shelly, loved singing along to songs such as, "Lucy and the Butcher Knife", "Come Back To Shelby" which she changed to her name LOL and "No Shame". They performed 11 songs this evening and thanks for the great time everyone.

Zine Review: FAST 'N' LOUD #9

(A4, 36 pages, $3.00+SASE) 
Or 88 Overbrook Road, Hardwicke, Gloucester GL2, UK 
Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos

The latest installment slab of cut ‘n’ paste style Punk zineage here from Editor John. The cut ‘n’ paste layouts are clear and concise with some uncredited newspaper cuttings that I haven't seen in a long time making it look like a fantastic vintage fanzine. Loads of record and zine reviews that were good and in-depth. Featuring interviews with Brian James, The Vibrators, Apocalypse Babys, Billy Riot of Riot On Your Own zine and the Concrete Gods.

Zine Reviews: NIGHTWALK Issue #1, #2 and #5

NIGHTWALK Issue #1 (Hungary)
Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos

Nightwalk debut zine contains only Norwegian bands such as: Hades, Ulver, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Aura Noir and Darkthrone. There was really in-depth and long interviews with each of these bands. They also had some demo and CD reviews and they started heading in the right direction. Fans of bands from Norway this zine would be up your alley. What stood out about this 32 page zine was the article on Northern Mythology.

Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos

They've made a lot of improvements from the layout and the full content compared to their first issue. They continued with their Northern Mythology series, included more demo and CD reviews and of course interviews. The interviews in this issue were with Lord Belial, Amortis, Ahriman, Mystic Circle, Malignant Eternal, Gorgoroth, In The Woods, Arathorn, Bloodthorn, and ...And Oceans but the interview that is a worthy mention is with Enslaved (an extremely interesting read).

Nightwalk Magazine #5
Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos

I was hoping to find issue #3 and #4 but the dude at the booth didn't have them. Wow, how impressive they've became since their first issue. They are now a professional printed magazine printed on glossy paper, 56 pages packed with articles, news section, interviews, reviews and live reports. It's written in English and makes a good read. It features interviews with Tsjuder, Carpathian Forest, Borknagar, Shining, Aeternus, Khold, Ordo Draconis, Astarte, Thorns, Cruachan, Inferno, Thy Catafalque, Bornholm, Source of Tide, Gutted, Forefather, Lunar Aurora, Naer Mataron, Unholy Ritual and Blood Red Throne. Although, this was to have a free 16 track CD it wasn't with this issue when I purchased it at the Brooklyn Zine Fest. Contact: Nightwalk c/o Attila Mate, H-4032 Debrecen, Tessedik S.140., Hungary.

Zine Review: MINDSPELL Issue #4

Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos

A lengthily zine of 56 pages in A/4 format packed with reviews, some news, pictures and interviews. The review section was solid and to the point. The founder of this zine is like me with long interviews that were about 8 pages long It contained interviews with Death, Soil, Nevermore, Skinlab and a few others. They included some nice pictures of bands. The pictures that stood out most was Dark Funeral and In Flames.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Zine Review: GOETIA Issue #5

GOETIA Issue #5
Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos

When I attended the zine fest this year in Brooklyn, the guy hosting his table packed with zines about his animals and a comic about how he loves helping homeless animals on the streets that was interesting but he pulled out Goetia zine issue #5 and told me this was his favorite zine but it’s no longer in print. He told me to sit next to him and read it before I head to the next table of vendors because he felt I would enjoy it. In this issue interviews featured are Hammerfall, Iron Rainbow, Naevus, Razor, Merciless, Maze Of Torment and a few others. Two interviews that I enjoyed most were Razor and Necronomicon. I can see why this dude enjoyed this zine and got over excited about the layout, in which was professionally done. Although this dude was drooling over this zine I would give it a horns up for ending it with a great farewell.

Zine Review: A WORMHOLE Issue #39 Reviewed by: Dave Wolff

A WORMHOLE Issue #39
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff

If you read AEA you’ll have an idea that I’ve been in contact with editor Keith Wormouth and traded zines with him for several years. So I’ve seen many issues of his DIY publication. While there is no professional vibe as in other zines I’ve reviewed, the spirit of the do-it-yourself ethos represented by this zine is special unto itself. You’ll perceive this looking beyond the initial surface impressions when you obtain this mag. Even in the handwritten and cut/pasted sections you’ll receive an impression of Wormouth’s dedication to supporting underground/independent bands. Simply give it a fair shot before deciding whether or not to become a regular reader. Issue #39 features a couple interviews (Tinnitustimulus and Praying For Oblivion) together with a handful of reviews.

Zine Review: DISCORDIA 'ZINE Issue #1

Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos

Discordia Zine debut issue features interviews with Australian Death/Grinders Blood Duster, Fear Factory, Exhumed, Cryptopsy and a few others. A nice chuck of reviews of demos, EPs and CD's, a scene report on East German Hardcore and some humorous contest. A good layout for an A/4 and 32 Xeroxed pages that you wouldn't want to put down.

Zine Review: ATHEIST 'ZINE Issue #3

Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos

Atheist is a well written Hungarian fanzine that covers Death Metal and Black Metal in this issue. They mainly focused on the European scene covering interviews with the following bands; Erytrosy, Castrum, Chamos, Vale of Tears, Maniac Butcher, Esqarial, and Lunatic Gods. Not only did they interview bands but they've also interviewed; Encomium Zine, Metal Age Productions and Pussy God Records. Within this issue you will also find articles on bands and record labels, reports on the scene in Ukraine and Poland and tons of reviews. Good layout that was created by both editors, Gábor Szalay and Zoltán Nádudvari.


Facebook page: Reborn From Ashes “TRAGIC HALLOWEEN” APRIL 2013 
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff 
April 2014 

This is the first volume of a graphic novel series by Tony Juarez, editor of Reborn From Ashes zine. The storyline was conceived by Juarez who also designed the artwork to illustrate his tale. I don’t want to reveal the nature of the storyline or what happens over its course but there are forty-five solid pages of impressive psychological horror set during the Halloween season, in which the protagonists are the metalheads next door. The plot and narrative both keep you turning the pages, and the ending provides the surprising twist you would experience watching classic horror flicks of the 80s and onward. Not certain how many volumes of this series are to be released but this is a comic you’ll want to acquire. It’s well worth the effort.

Zine Review: Sopa Leprosy Fanzine

Sopa Leprosy Fanzine (Mexico)
Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos
April 2014

Sopa Leprosy Fanzine has an interesting collection of artwork throughout his zine. There are 6 full pages with a total of 12 drawings adding the classic touch of older zines from the past. Some art you'll find of demons, zombies, wormy skulls, and gargoyles. Hopefully, this zine will grow into something more over time. Good Luck!

Within the zine I found no contact information.

Zine Review: Old Temple Magazine #1

Old Temple Magazine #1 (2013)
Website: Old Temple Magazine
Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos
April 2014

Old Temple Magazine is an extremely professional publication with 84 pages covering the dark-side of Polish blasphemy with interviews and album reviews. They are devoted to underground Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal. They've conducted about 13 interviews that covered mainly bands from Poland; Bloodthirst, Aragon, Wolftribe, Dark Fury, Ebola, Upir, Stigmata, Stigmata, Evil Existence and a few other bands from other counties such as: Deletere (Canada), Kratherion (Chile), and Crown Ov Thorns (Malaysia) which included some odd questions but keeping it interesting and different from other interviews that have been done before. They had over 100 reviews to read and I'm sure you'll find a few bands to check out after you're done reading it. 

Old Temple Po Box 48 86-307 Grudziadz 9 Poland
Stage 48 in New York City, NY
February 3, 2014
Reviewed by: Lady Lea

This weather sure sucks, train delays and walking , its so cold that I've been trying to hide some of my face into my husbands chest. I'm not one to wear scarfs and now thinking maybe I should. This evening we are heading to to a new venue called Stage 48 located on 605 West 48th Street, Manhattan, between Eleventh and Twelfth Avenue. that we haven’t' had the chance to go too and the only reason was because I wanted to see Dark Tranquillity.

I was concerned that it still would have a horse shit smell since it was once a horse stable from the 1950s but probably not since it was remolded. It has an old vibe of industrial architecture but it has more of a classier look for upper class. I can only image how much the drinks are here.

I'm glad we arrived a little early but wow they have nice black tables and if this place was completely packed I would have bang into them trying to get to the bar in between bands. My husband whispers in my ear this place would have been good for the Italian Mobs and I had to laugh because its just has that type of vibe for the modern world. They have a nice balcony with its own seating arrangements, nice size bars, and nice size stage.

This venue is definitely very upscale and I wonder how metal bands like playing a venue like this must be a change of pace from playing dive bars and don't get me wrong dive bars are just the best places to hang out at.

I can sense some issues this evening as I hear two people bitching about this club all ready on photographer complaining about not having a special photographer area, hum not every club does, he must be a new one coming out, and maybe I should bitch about not having a well lighted area to contribute a review but that's retarded. You're here to have a good time and remember what was most impressive to you. I bet they even got on the guest list where as I paid for mine and my husbands tickets. So, suck it up and toughen up.

Exmortus is a metal band with some heavy technical tunes that blew me away and I believe they have won two new fans (my husband and I). To me they had a a mixture of melodic death, thrash metal power metal, Conan's grunts and snarls had me in a in a memorize state of mine. As if I was in a trace just enjoying ever note that came out of this mouth,"Triumph by Fire," definitely set my metal passion on fire. Some may have found the two guitarist showing off with their acrobatics guitar tricks, playing each other guitars, swinging their axes on their backs while the other one controls it but hell they were entertaining and fun. Not only was I having fun so was this band.

By this time I had a a bit much to drink, passed my two limit when traveling on the trains even though I have my husband but I still like to be more in control of myself, by hey, I'm having a blast as if I was 21 all over again.

Omnium Gatherum was awesome as well. Progressive, Melodic Death Metal who was heavy, enthusiastic, and got the crowd going with chantings, fist in the air and purely had me headbanging along to “Nail”, “New Dynamic” “Deep Cold” and “The Unknowning” were the songs that took my attention.

Dark Tranquillity is one of my favorite bands from Gothenburg, Sweden and I begged my husband to get us tickets and wished that we knew about the VIP package deal where you could have had a meet and greet with the bands ahead of time. Next time, I guess. You know when a band is good if they've been around for 25 years. Kicking off their North American ‘Construct’ Tour, I'm sure many fans like myself are thrilled. Dark Tranquillity took the stage with “The Science of Noise,” “White Noise/Black Silence,” “Monochromatic Stains,” “Lost to Apathy,” “The Fatalist,” “The Silence in Between,” “Zero Distance” and I almost wanted to cry whey they started playing “The Mundane and the Magic,” which is one of my favorite songs, which lead into “Punish My Heaven,” “The Wonders at Your Feet ,” which I could use a nice foot rub from my hubby, “What Only You Know,” “Iridium,Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive),” “State of Trust,” “ThereIn,” and “Final Resistance.” A set that was filled of layers of power, brutally, dark, and beautiful melodies that was fully complex and insightful. We are greedy metal-heads in NY with a three song encore with “Lethe,” “Endtime Hearts,” and Stanne himself jumped into the crowd a few times during their closing song, “Misery's Crown”. What a pack set-list reaching all ages and metalheads. With ending the night with a 7' EP entitled, “A Memory Construct.”

This cold, snowy night turned into one of the best nights I've had so far this year. The truth is at first I was a bit uncomfortable because how the crowd has changed with newer people and a younger crowd, both my husband and I felt like parents and we even had an inside joke now we know what our parents left like taken us to shows. I always had a thing for Melodic Death Metal bands and was glad to have the chance to seen one of my faves at Stage 48 in NYC. This place looks a bit up-class to have metal shows but I happen to like the set up and the vibe of this place and had a great time. Overall each band was superb check out this tour and this venue if you're in NYC.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Gig Report: Jonathan Wilson Shines

Jonathan Wilson Shines
Bowery Ballroom in NYC
Reviewed by: Lady Lea

I guess I'm getting a bit old for metal shows these days and have been going to some rock songs in NYC for awhile. Although, I've started out as a rocker before I was a metalhead. I love both genres but lately just been in the mood for some rock gigs. Than again it comes my budget being that's its been difficult to find work like so many NYers. Anyways, so I took a walk down to the Bowery Ballroom with two of my friends to check out Jonathan Wilson Shines because the ticket price was right to enter and not going to add more holes in my pocket.

I didn't think it would be this packed but it sure was. I'm not sure if it sold out or not but a nice crowd for sure. singer-songwriter Jonathan Wilson. He performed a nice set list from songs off his latest release, "Fanfare", and material of his album in 2011, "Gentle Spirit." It was a nice mixture songs fans like myself appreciated, "Dear Friend", "Party" and "Angel" which happen to be my top three songs and you know that I was pleased to hear them live. The atmospheric mood and heavy guitar jams won me over and even better live then on recordings at least to me. He performed for about a 90 minute set which was worth while and I got my rock on throughout this gig. Great times with good friends, nice crowd, music and few drinks leaving on great rock night.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Concert Review: Firehaze, Fin'Amor, Atrocity, Leaves' Eyes, Moonspell

Firehaze, Fin'Amor, Atrocity, Leaves' Eyes, Moonspell
February 17, 2014
Reviewed by: Lady Lea

Years ago there were times I went to see every band on the bill and I still like to give the supporting bands some sort of support. I got there late and missed the first band Firehaze. I figure to finish my cup of coffee and smoke a cigarette before I enter the event. Than again these early shows can really screw you up. This show was starting at 6:30 pm and was to end around 12 a.m. Its not like the good old days of having shows ending to the club almost closing. But this is how it is today.

How I miss that you can't smoke in a venue anymore these days. Sorta sucks! Anyways, Fin'Amor, is a local band from Brooklyn, NY, in which, I'm not too familiar with them but here is a short mention this local Doom/Death Metal. Fin’Amor bassist at times seems like he was holding back from just going all out on stage, what I'm saying he had great stage presence but when it got to the slower parts it looked like he wanted more of the aggression sections so he could head-bang more. They had a good stage performances overall and they did win over a new fan tonight. These seven dudes took the stage like pros and should be the next band to get signed but as we all know it even record labels go for the trends. I like how the lights were gleaming off the drummers massive kit. I honestly liked the vocalist growling vocals more than his clean singing. They laid down some intense, dark, atmospheric groundwork as an opening band. They gave off a nice energy that filled the room and deliver one heck of a great set. They were so good I didn't want them getting off the stage. What was interesting there weren't that many people holding up there cellphones or ipods that you usually see these days. It was so nice to see that people were there to watch the band.

Atrocity being the same lineup as Leaves’ Eyes (minus Liv Kristine), can not be compared to one another. They both hold their own ground. has been around since the mid ‘80s. Originally an extreme metal band, their sound has evolved adding other elements to their sound. As we hear and see it many times when bands like to add new flavor and while they are developing there own individuality. I remember when they first started out as a death metal band and now they have a touch of some Gothic, Industrial and a splash of world music combinations but never abandoning the metal attitude. There tension exploded when they took the stage with fierce and and bass that pounding into my heart. What a great feeling that sure was. Alex's vocals always win me over with heaviness, clear and power Two ladies were on stage with them headbanging and showing their metal horns in which is always nice to see people having a great time with the bands.

The venue was getting packed all the different clicks are sticking together, how that brings back memories when I was about their age and everyone is here for what band they like to see or for the full bill. The band I wanted to see most was Leaves' Eyes because they are one of my top bands and Liv Kristine is one of my favorite female vocalist that I enjoy listening too. Everyone has their favorite songs they wish to hear but I can honestly say whatever they play tonight I'm going to enjoy it. Today, everyone says, you can find out the bands set list on the internet before hand but honestly what is the fun in all that? I want to be surprised. Call me old fashion or what not but I don't care that's just who I am. I'm not an new schooler of the metal scene and back then we never had the internet you went to shows because you wanted to see the band.

German and Norwegian symphonic/gothic metallers Leaves' Eyes who are one of my favorite bands on tour supporting their latest album, "Symphony of the Night". This album is truly unbelievable beautiful and wouldn't have thought anything less from them. Liv Kristine vocals always sends chills down my spine her operatic, angelic voice and harmonies. While her operatic vocals win me over while the growls give me a haunting feeling that I love so well. Not many bands can pull it over with each vocal style complementing each other. Opening up the set with "Galswintha," "Take the Devil in Me," "Farewell Proud Men," and when they performed "My Destiny," i just wanted to let the tears out with the passion that I have for this band and just hearing this amazing song made my night complete although their set wasn't finished. They've played their self-title album track "Symphony of the Night," which I was impressed how freaking amazing it sounded in a live setting. They are such skilled musicians. I wonder if anyone was paying attention to the licks that just were fully a blessing to see, hear ad watch. Husband and wife in the same band doing as well as they are is truly amazing to see how they can manage doing everything together and in the meantime ever everyone knows they are married you still have a few dudes who don't care and show no respect to woman in the metal scene. How I wanted to knock this drunk fool out behind me but more important is I'm here witnessing them perform “Melusine,” “Elegy,” and wow “Hell to the Heavens” what a great set-list they've put together.

I was definitely getting tired and knew I had a long way to travel back home but I didn't want to miss the headliners either. Moonspell are celebrating 20 years as a band and touring in support of their 10th studio album, the 2012 double disc ‘Alpha Noir / Omega White.’ Yes, I said it, 'ten studio albums' and happen to enjoy several of them.  As we await for Moonspell to take the stage, people are taken pictures making the stage look a bit cool as if lighting was striking. Yet again paid for our concert tickets and they were sure worth the price thus far. 

Oh crap drummer comes ripping up his kick pounding drums that pounded right into my chest and onward here comes the rest of the band unleashing sickness. They are the kings at what they do. I was trying to figure out what Front-man Fernando Ribeiro was wearing on his face but never mind that he began the of the set with a track off of ‘Alpha Noir’ titled, ‘Axis Mundi.’ 

Wow, yes Wow and that moment I knew I had to stay for the full set, and blocking my face from crowd surfers and watching the fans coming back to life again, who wouldn't its Moonspell we're talking about here people. "Night Eternal" while Vocalist Fernando says, "New York City the night is ours" indeed he is right it, sure is. Everyone is headbanging from the band to the fans. The drums having been blowing my mind all night long and usually, I'm more a huge vocalist type of chick. The keyboard have always also stood out during this song for me. Crowd surfers are making this a fun evening, how I miss those days but can no longer enjoy doing it anymore because of my back injuries from a motorcycle accident six years ago. Its so tempting thought but I know I will be taken my own risk. You knew everyone was having a blast during this song. It really set the mood to each of us. 

Hey, Hey, Hey "Opium" Moonspell is having such a great time on stage. I'm definite going home with a sore neck. One of my favorite songs as the guitars have always stood out to me. I can only image Moonspell feeling a bit sore after this show that they nailed. 

As Fernando was getting the crowd pumped as we gave our horns up, chanting during“Vampiria” while this dude and I were headbanging wonder which one of us got whipped in the face more all in fun moments. Yet, I the sweat was dripping in my hair while this dude didn't have one drop of sweat in his. By the way dude your hair smelled like strawberries. They played new material and old legacy songs such as, “Abysmo”. I was pleased they played “Nocturna” one of my favorite songs. I'm speechless, “Scorpion Flower,” and “Luna' both won me over tonight. 

Did you notice how the bassist would watch out for his band-mates esp when the mic stand would fall over during the being of the song, “Luna” which is great to show people how each member also looks out for one another. But what was more special was the dedication to Peter Steele (RIP) when Moonspell added a lot of emotions during, “New Tears Eve” almost had me in tears it was so touching, beautiful and an outstanding performance Moonspell put on. What I loved was how Fernando would do his signature eyebrow moves, its sorta of sexy too but overall one of the best shows I've seen this month.

As many all ready know that they are amazing live as well on a release. They were strong, solid and full of energy that won over the crowd and fans completely this evening. I'm glad I stayed to the end. I give the bouncers a horns up for not being assholes like many are but being really cool to the fans who were here tonight and sorry at least two bouncers looked bored to death. But thanks for letting us have a great time. 

Interview: MORTAL FEAR - Vocalist Ken Munro

Interview with: 
Vocalist Ken Munro

E-mail Interview Conducted by: Lady Kat Chaos
Date: 2014

OCZ: Hails! Thanks for taken your time out for this interview. Since this is your first interview with Obscure Chaos Zine, and some readers might not know much about you, I'll start with some background questions...First of all, where did the band name Mortal Fear come from?

Ken Munro: Hey Kat..thanks for taking the time to check out Mortal Fear…I think Steve and I were bouncing the name around back in about 1985 while having a few beers..we came with Mortal this, Mortal that, Fear this and that and we just put the two words together and went “hey, that’s not bad” so we kinda stuck with it ever since..We tried other band names Like Uranium, Rikkturr but Mortal is what we kept coming back to so we just went with it…

OCZ: Have you ever thought about changing your band name since there are other bands using it?

Ken: No we never ever decided to change the name and we do realize that there are other bands with the same name but we’ve had it for over 25 years now so I think we’ll stick with it..if it becomes a legal issue then we’ll deal with it at that time..but for now Mortal Fear is what it is..

OCZ: Mortal Fear began in 1985, with you on vocals and guitarist Steve Turrer, you started playing sludgy, doomy-type metal songs with a Black Sabbath vibe but with riffing in the realms of Judas Priest and then two years later in 1987, new changes began when two new members joined, Steve's younger brother Pete Turrer on bass and John Currie on drums. With a new line up you began adding more of a techinical approach and Mortal Fear's sound started to shape and develop with more Thrash Metal roots. Mortal Fear had a great reputation in the Toronto area but within two years you decided to disband at your peek. What was the reason you ended it?

Ken: We did a handful of live shows back in the day and we were all working jobs trying to make ends
meet and I think around August 1987 I was working in a woodworking shop which I was subjected to sawdust 8 hrs a day, and it did nothing for my voice and at the time I felt that the band was clicking rather well and I felt I was holding the band back due to throat issues so I told them at that time that in January 1988 would be my final show…there were no ill feelings and I did what I could to help find a suitable I left on good terms. They tried several different singers over the year but I guess in the end they decided to pack it in and work on other that’s where Mortal sorta dried up for 20 years or so.

OCZ: After the split Steve Turrer recorded with Savage Steel, played in Frantic Waltz and Marshall Birch and the Swampmonster as well as Pete Turrer, and you recorded with The Blacklist. Where all of you still good friends during these years? And where there moments when you felt something was missing in your life?

Ken: I went on and did the marriage thing and raised some kids but Steve and Pete went on to play in other bands and did some recording but in the back of my mind I figured and hoped Mortal Fear would re-unite and get back to what we enjoyed doing. I tried to get it together in 2008 but different schedules prevented that from happening at that time. We all remained close friends during this time so we all knew where the others were.

OCZ: In Jan of 2012, all four original members of Mortal Fear had a jam session. The chemistry must have felt as if you never ended the band. In your words what was that first moment like?

Ken: Steve, Peter and drummer John were jamming in Steve’s garage the summer of 2011 and they said pop over for a couple beers, so I hoped on my bike and headed over…they were playing “Folly of the Priest” an old Mortal tune so I jumped on the mic and carved it up, a bit rusty but you could see the smiles on our faces that it felt good…about 5 months later, we were all jamming in my basement as a 4 pc original Mortal Fear metal band….we were back where we belonged.

OCZ: How long after the jam did you all decide you wanted reform or did you just want to do a few reunion shows together?

Ken: At first we weren't even talking about doing some gigs, it was more of a “ lets get in the studio and record these tunes before we die” sorta thing lol…so the gigs weren't even in the equation at that time.

OCZ: What are you doing differently this time around?

Ken: Back in the day we used to jam 3-4 times a week, but since the 4 of us live in different cities we could only jam once a week but come prepared to jam when we do get there..that was stipulated before hand…not to waste anyones time .

OCZ: Once disbanded Thrash acts are still making comebacks, plus there's a whole new division of younger Thrash Metal acts who are creating an intense sting in the scene. What do you think about the future of this genre? Is Thrash is back to stay forever?

Ken: Thrash was and is always going to be’s huge in the metal industry, and it never ever went away…when a 15 yr kid learning guitar can pick it up and Thrash a bit of Slayer you know he/she is on the right track…

OCZ: In your opinion, is the thrash metal of today as good as the 80's stuff? Are you also following the new thrash bands?

Ken: I think thrash is as good as back in the day, ya cant just bash away at 3 power chords and consider yer-self to be does take skill and practice believe it or not…and we all follow thrash just as much as we did when we were listening to old school Venom, Slayer, Testament etc…it’s all good…

OCZ: You play old school thrash metal with power/progressive metal vocals, what possessed you to play these styles?

Ken: I originally played bass in Mortal and our singer back then quit as his ego was way to big for any band lol…so I decided to sing and see what happens. As I cant sing thrashy I ended up singing with the clean vocals we have on the CD…it kinda worked well and sounded different than the thrash bands that were out there at the time. We always got a good reception from the crowds we played in front of.

OCZ: You listened a lot to bands like earlier days of Metallica, Slayer, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath, the time, is very natural for you to start playing in that vein. What new flavors will you bring to the Thrash Metal scene that hasn't been done before?

Ken: If you listen to the cd its very clean, clear, you can hear all the guitar, bass and vocal tracks and I don’t think we’ll bring anything new but rather we’re bringing old school heavy metal back to it’s original debut as I like to call it “NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL”..believe it or not I get quite a few people reminding us of old school metal…we all like thrash but once in a while we like to hear someone actually singing…so that’s what we do..

OCZ: You began to recording your debut self titled CD in the fall of 2012. How long did it take you to write this release? Where did you record it?

Ken: We entered the studio in July 2012 and finished mastering I believe in Nov 2012…we recorded in a small town in Ontario called “Erin” ESCARPEMENT SOUND STUDIOS, with Brian Hewson doing the engineering and we self produced.

OCZ: While listening to your release, do you feel that you have held back on your vocals and high octave screams during your song, “Left To Die”?

Ken: Not sure what high parts in this song your referring too, however sometimes on a song I may change it up a bit live but that’s something that you figure out over time.. In the studio I may try a vocal pattern and later on down the road I may change it for the live version as in the studio it may not have come to me at that particular time…as long as I’m in key I suppose lol

OCZ: It has a heavier edge with slow moments it seemed as if it wanted to burst out instead of keeping it slow. What inspired you to create your sound and lyrics of this song?

Ken: Steve and Pete take care of the music and I kinda throw in the vocals based on how I hear the song, Left to Die is based on serial killers from around the USA and that’s where I put pen to paper and that’s how it came out..or as I call it, “ a happy lil love song about serial killers” lol

OCZ: You did also did video for "Left To Die" from the newest album . Tell me about the video: why did you choose this song, who filmed and edited it?

Ken: Left to die live comes over very well to the crowd, its up tempo and 3 minutes of in your face. The video was basically shot from people in the audience and they had no objections to us using it for the video, Pete did all the work of cleaning it up and adding shit so it was cheap but effective, think I turned out rather well.

OCZ: Two of my favorite tracks off your release are "Vitims of War” and “The Hidden Dark” in your own word what are each of these songs written about?

Ken: Victims of War was based on the original Gulf war at the time as I remember sitting watching CNN and the missiles flying so that’s where that song started and as for The Hidden Dark that was based on the occult and superstitions and I just went with it..its not rocket science but that track just barrels from start to finish…evil indeed

OCZ: Which two tracks would be your favorites off your self-title debut?

Ken: ..we’ve been playing these songs for years now and it kinda gets to ya after a while but I really have no favorites to be honest, I do like singing “Inject the Fear” as its one of our slow n heavy sabbathy riffs but I do like “Left to Die” as it just kills live..and we’re a live band for sure.

OCZ: Would you say you exceeded your expectations as far as your debut is concerned?

Ken: Like every band out there, when they release a new album its always better than the last, I’d like to think that we learned a lot in the studio what we can do or cant do next time but ya can always do better, but I think we’re content with how it came out and the money and time we put in.

OCZ: Where can one purchase your debut?

Ken: You can buy this off our MORTAL FEAR web page or contact us through FACEBOOK and we can get the CD out to ya asap.

OCZ: You began writing new material for the next album? What world events (current/historical) have been inspiring you for newer songs and when are you planning on heading back to the the studio?

Ken: We have about 30 songs that we can pick through and can tweek it here and there and get ready for studio, but we got a new drummer Steve Scott so it will take some time for him to pick these up and and get studio ready so we have a ways to go before recording. In a perfect world we’d like to be back in the studio in the fall of 2014 if all goes well..but we’ll see where are creative writing and practices take us this year. I general stay away from current events as its all about people killing people which is always good for newspaper I suppose..sometime for me to find a topic I just start talking about something and take it from there…like in “Out To Destroy “we were talking about space aliens at that time and that’s how the song came about and it kinda just ran away with itself…

OCZ: Have you run into any obstacles during the creative process for these new songs?

Ken: No obstacles at all.

OCZ: What do you do when you feel uninspired or are just in an uncreative mood?

Ken: I usually just walk away from pen and paper while doing lyrics , like I said we only jam once a week so I can walk away and come back tomorrow and try again, however I do always have pen and paper with me at work so if a line or lyric comes to me I simply write it down for later lol

OCZ: Who is the main filter that controls what will eventually be accepted and which songs get

Ken: Everything that we do whether vocals, music has to pass my myself and Steve Turrer before it makes it to CD..even the cover art..which was basic anyway….

OCZ: Have you taken any vocal training?

Ken: No vocal training apart from the shower or listening and singing in the car..what you hear on the cd is raw and somewhat untouched vocals…I have very little effects on my voice.

OCZ: Who are some of your favorite vocalist from your childhood and now?

Ken: Well ya gotta love Rob Halford and what he’s done for metal and vocalists..he’s the god of metal for sure..but I do listen to a lot of music over and above of heavy metal….Dio, Bruce Dickenson and even Lemmy lol

OCZ: When did you sign to Hound Music are you content with them at the moment? Did you send some of your material over to them and that's how you won their interest toward Mortal Fear?

Ken: Hound Music found us I believe if I can remember, they heard us through the net and Peter the bass player did most of the correspondence so we let him take the reigns on them..great bunch of guys over in England which is where there located. Hoping to get over there as soon as possible and show the British Metal heads what we do..

OCZ: How is the club scene in Canada? Do you have enough clubs and venues that book Metal bands? Is something already in the works regarding playing in other countries?

Ken: The club scene here in Toronto Canada is actually pretty good, we have several clubs which we can and have played in and it seems that metal is making its way back loud, proud and never went away just laid low for a while but its back with a vengeance. We just did a metal apocalypse show with Varga and Entropy and it was probably one of the best club metal shows I’ve ever had the joy of playing…3 great band playing great was truly memorable…\m/

OCZ: I am sure all of you have different life situations; families, work, studies and stuff. Is there anything that might prevent you from doing an extensive tour, something that might last 3-4 weeks or longer?

Ken: When we all started this we knew that a tour will take us away from our work and families and we all have the support from them so taking a leave of absence from work wont hinder our love for playing live and thrashing it out Mortal Fear style…that’s how we roll..

OCZ: What was the most obscure or chaotic thing that happen to you as a band?

Ken: ...drinking and waking up somewhere ya know ya didn't start at..and saying…”who the hell are you” in the morning..but best not go there lol

OCZ: Thanks for the interview. Any last words . . . .

Ken: Wait till our new cd comes out, its gonna be heavier, faster and meaner and if yer in the area of one of our shows come check us out…mortal fear thanks you all for listening and supporting metal…KEEP IT REAL, KEEP IT HEAVY KEEP IT METAL \M/ MF.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Fanzine Review: SOULGRINDER Issue #1


Soulgrinder zine is published by Paul Caravasi who previously published Aquelarre zine. The editorial of this debut issue maps out what you’ll find within these pages, such as artwork (cover art by Mortuus), reviews of horror movies (by Kenneth Gallant) and an illustrated comic (likewise by Mortuus). You’ll also find concert reviews, zine reviews, CD reviews and interviews with bands from the old and new schools of extreme music. Phil Anselmo, Faith Or Fear, Dark Angel, Rigor Mortis, Machinage, Explicit Hate, Tyrant’s Reign, Toxic Wine, Betrayer F.T.M., Aftermath, Mercynary, Combat, Wrath, Hell: On, Don Doty and Evil Army. The compilation of all this material is a decent start to a new fanzine and something I’d like to see expanded upon in subsequent issues. Soulgrinder is available both in print and as a downloadable file. Contact Caravasi for information on obtaining this zine. -Dave Wolff

Gig Report: Girls, Girl Girls rule the night with 80's tributes

Girls, Girl Girls rule the night with 80's tributes
Bowery Ballroom
January 6, 2014
Reviewed by: Lady Lea

My husband and a few friends had some secrets for the past few weeks about planning my birthday and I was shocked to be driving passed the Bowery Ballroom that I haven't been too in a few years. It was great to see it still up and running. Driving around Manhattan in this horrible weather of nasty storm slush trying to find parking we finally found a parking lot instead. I didn't realize what were doing and I should have worn better boots instead of dress shoes and my friends trying to tell me to put plastic bags on over my shoes, I'll take my chances instead of looking like a wacko. I'm sure I looked foolish with red heals walking in this crap anyways.

The Bowery is packed for the Guns n’ Hoses and Girls Girls Girls concert. Guns n’ Hoses decked out in bandannas and top hats looking like real rock stars and glad they didn't make everyone wait two hours for their set as per Guns N Roses would do many years ago. They did one hell of a job with Appetite for Destruction. Erin Marsz - Axl Hose, has a powerful voice of her own and even though she didn't reach Alexs full high pinches she stood on her own two feet. “Mr. Brownstone” and “Think About You” seemed to win the crowd over.

Girls Girls Girls is a Motley Crue cover band that have been around for years with Vixen Neil on Lead Vocals, Lucky Sixx on Bass Guitar, Mercedes Mars on Lead Guitar and Tawny Lee on Drums. They played songs from the entire Too Fast For Love album played straight through, with another full set of Crue songs added for good measure. Girls Girls Girls, Front-woman,‘Vixen Neil’ stormed the stage wearing her her spiky leather outfit, tearing right into “Live Wire” which is one of my favorite songs of that time. I couldn't help myself singing a long. She hit every note possible and her vocals are incredible, “ Too Fast For Love”, “Merry-Go-Round,” “Starry Eyes,” “ Dr. Feelgood,” “Home Sweet Home” “Shout at The Devil” “Kickstart My Heart” and many others. They had the look, the talent, energy and they should open up for Crue with classic songs they don't perform anymore.

Overall both cover bands were great. One of the best moments was when both cover bands to got into a serious role of the MTV fight between Axl and Vince. It was hilarious and brought back a lot of memories. Great night out and two bands you don't want to miss out besides having a metal night out.

Gig Report: Amon Amarth: Deceiver Of The Gods US Tour 2014

Amon Amarth: Deceiver Of The Gods US Tour 2014
Amon Amarth, Enslaved, Skeletonwitch
Revolution Live, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
January 26, 2014
Mistress Brynhild

It's a bit to breezy and chilly for my taste while waiting on a packed line and wishing that I arrived early to beat this crowd line. Although, sometimes waiting on line can be very interesting, some individuals were a bit thrashed smelling like a brewery of old stale beer and B.O. (have people forgotten what deodorant is?) and in hopes they don't vomit in my hair or clothing because that would wreak my night. Never forget the classics when a couple of hot chicks try to get in front of you acting as you were together in the first place, maybe I should try that the next time around but I'm not that tacky and ride it out like everyone does. Some dudes are just suckers thinking they will score by the end of the show but needless to say, “You'll go home empty and feel a bit idiotic in front of your boys”. Geez, when will some people learn a lesson.

For a Sunday concert was filled and talked my way through the pit area to get closer to the stage before all the Mayhem began. While waiting for the show to being I've notices a few people were grounding themselves before the pits being and hopefully this time I won't fall on my ass but that's what pits are all about. And I made a smart move to wear lower heeled boots instead of my 7 inches. I’m pleased to see a good turn out for the bands this evening and this is the way it should be.

The promoter of the event actually took the stage and started tossing out plastic cups which had some tickets for future shows at the Revolution and I rack up with tickets for Ice Earth this coming April and it sure wasn't fun when dudes went ballistic trying to get it out of my hands. Thanks to the elbow right into my chest as you could clearly notice I'm a chick but Oooppsss sorry to the dude I slightly kneed in the balls but what fair is fair I thought that was pretty sweet and a great way to have fans continue to attend shows. Definitely, a great way to open up the show and get the fans excited.

As the lights dim, I'm soaked to see Skeletonwitch for the first time live. They are an American Thrash Metal and Black metal band from Athens, Ohio who formed in 2003. I've heard they put on one hell of a concert but I'll witness this myself for the first time. Opening up with one of my favorite songs, "This Horrifying Force (The Desire To Kill),"the chaos and rage begun with the pit opening and crowd surfer taken over the area in which crave for. In the mist of their opening song, my iphone hit the ground and I couldn't find it and was a bit pissed off because now I won't have a few pictures to include and more then that its going to take ages for me to place it since I lost my job two weeks ago, but what can you do? Nothing! I should have known better myself but I said screw it and continued in the pit myself. Garenette belting out his vocal trademarks with full force and triumph while Scott and Nate are shredding fearlessly. They providing perhaps the most energetic sets of the night. They included some older material which highlighted my night with“Burned from Bone,” "Crushed Beyond Dust" and "Beyond The Permafrost" and closed it with "Within My Blood" in which completed my night besides them owning the crowd throughout their set.

I needed a break and headed to the bar and found my two friends in a heavy and deep make out session. That awkward moment and feeling like the third wheel. Ever feel that way. I'm getting pumped up to see Enslaved while my friends are dripping drool all over each other faces. Refreshing drink I may add and not to overpriced like some venues are. I drank a bit faster then I normally do but I wanted to make my way back to the stage area.

I wonder how many will react when Enslaved takes the stage and glad they made it to Florida and I hope they have added some material from my favorite 1994 release, “Frost”. Enslaved is a progressive black metal band from Norway. They formed in 1991 and have been putting out amazing albums throughout their career. The sweat is pouring bit off my forehead and glad I had a pony tail holder to cool off a bit and once they take the stage out will come so I can spin my head around like a lunatic and sorry to those I may hair whip in the face.

The lights start to dim once again, I'm grasping for air, my heart is pounding as if its going to explode while the mood is setting in and "Death In The Eyes Of Dawn," from their latest RIITIIR album is blazing and felt the pit weaken maybe because many here don't know much about them or maybe not familiar with their newest album. Oh yes, “Ruun,” “Ethica Odini,” “RIITIIR.” sounded purely sick, brutal and yet beautiful. I prepare myself for two weeks at times blasting the bands on the bills albums and wish some would be more prepared but than again everyone likes what they like. I'm in my own world at concerts taken each note into my mind, enjoying not only the band but the people around me having a blast as some headbangers and some moshers just having tons of fun. At first the pit was a bit weak but it picked up during their classics "Allfáðr Oðinn," from their 1993 Hordanes Land EP and ending their set with “IsaI.” Hell, instead of the members bowing for a long time, well I felt it was long they could have added another song to the set. They did deliver. Guitarist Ivar Bjørnson just blew me away in a live setting.

I ran to the bathroom as face as I could because you know ladies how long the line can get. Lucky enough I only waited 10 minutes, and shit I did I look like hell but that's what a metal show is all about instead of looking hot and sexy. LOL I then grab another drink and got a nasty look by some other chick and didn't give a fuck because I was more interested in getting a quick drink. I think its pretty fucked up that some people don't leave the bartenders tips, they don't get paid a lot and realize on tips people. Maybe you would understand if you were a bartender some point in your life. While my two friends are still making out as if they made it again through another bands set and didn't get crushed in the pit, seems that way. LOL Anyways, now I'm getting pumped up again for the main meal with Amon Amarth.

I'm getting restless and just want Amon Amarth to take the stage and conquer it like Viking Warriors. I'm pondering why it seems a bit emptier in here, did people go outside to have a cig, get some air, or leave because they had to go to work early in the morning. I have no idea what time it is because as I said, I lost my iphone in the mist of the being of the event and no one has turned it in, I'm sure its in pieces scattered all over the place. Apart of me cares and apart of me doesn't because I'm having an Epic time. Just reminds me of how my father would tell us as kids, you can't cry over spilled milk, in this case I hope my drink doesn't spill over.

Amon Amarth was formed in 1992, from Sweden. They are a Melodic Death Metal band who writes amazing lyrics based on Viking, mythology and their own history. They've been one of my favorite bands for the past 12 years. Everyone is starting to return to the stage area and more crowded then before. I'm trapped, I can't move, I can't breath, and a dude I don't know stands behind me and I can feel his penis on the back of my body, pretty much will explain how crowded it got. I don't know what is worse that feeling or when you crow surf and everyone is trying to get a cheap groping feel to make their night.

Onward, let the battle begin. Amon Amarth taken the stage and damn he is looking sexier then ever, Johan Hegg at the helm, opening up the set with their slaughtering set with "Father Of The Wolf," “Deceiver of the Gods,” “Death in Fire,” “Free Will Sacrifice,” “As Loke Falls,” and yes they are, “We Shall Destroy,” and definitely winning over the fans and conquering the stage. Fredrik Andersson’s double-bass caving in my chest , while fans are moshing, headbanging,clapping, singing along, “Runes to My Memory,” “Varyags of Miklagaard,” “The Last Stand of Frej,” as Johan throwing the mic out to the fans as we are chanting so epic and adding a tremendous chorus to “ Guardians of Asgaard,” “Blood Eagle,” “Warriors of the North,” “Destroyer of the Universe,” “Cry of the Black Birds,” and ending their set with “War of the Gods.” Amon Amarth was strong, solid and full of energy. Everyone's emotions were set high and chanting for more and I hope they perform “Under Siege” ending with two encores: “Twilight of the Thunder God” and “The Pursuit of Vikings” that won me over even if they didn't perform “Under Siege.” With such a long set time, they had plenty of time to breakout their old and new material that completed one of the best sets I've seen.

This tour is something you need to see a nice mixture of metal with a heavy and solid line up. I came out sweating, looking like a huge mess, a bit of a soar neck, back and throat but so worth every pain in my body and proves how a metal fan has fun at a concert. My Iphone was never recovered but the memory in my mind will last a life time. 

News: The Dreaming Inks A Deal with Metropolis


TheDreaming is an Electronic/Dark Rock from Los Angeles featuring Christopher Hall, Walter Flakus and Johnny Haro of Stabbing Westward along with Carlton Bost and Brent Ashley. The Dreaming, Christopher Hall just officially announced inking the deal with Metropolis, read what he had to say:

 "So our record deal with Metropolis is now official!! I signed the deal last night after a couple of small changes. what does this means for you, the fans of the Dreaming? It means we will have a much higher quality album for you. We are tracking live drums on Wednesday at a proper studio and having the album mixed and mastered by Rhys Fulber from Front Line Assembly! It means we will be making a real video (although I think Martin Kelly and Uncle Mike did a fantastic job with just iPhones) and it means we will finally get to tour in Europe!! We are of course counting on touring with some of the amazing bands on Metropolis as well as a bonus. It will also give us the musical freedom to be as industrial/ electronic as we want. no more rock labels trying to turn us into Nickleback. I am very happy this morning. it's been a long time coming. We couldn't have done it without Walter Flakus and Carlton Bost coming back and rewriting the album with me and helping me finally capture the sound of the Dreaming the way I always dreamed it could sound. I can't thank you guys enough. and I can't thank you , our fans, enough either. you've always believed in us. good things ahead. chris"

Album Review: Of mice and Men - 'Restoring Force'

Of mice and Men - 'Restoring Force
Label: Rise

Reviewed by: Saul Colon
Date: April 2014

Hey guys, whats up? It's Saul hitting ya up with another review. This time, I'm gonna give ya a review from a signed band, this band is called "Of mice and Men" and third album is called 'Restoring Force'.

First of all, not crazy about the name but then again someone would same about Hellshot. Anyway, I got listen to it its available on Itunes or Spotify and I really would say as for metal its a very outdated album. Very emo metal trying to channel some Slipknot and Machine Head but sounding more like a heavier Linkin Park. If this is what some people like then go for it.

As for myself, I really couldn't listen to the whole album the whole poppy feel was to much for me some songs were ok, like "You Make me Sick" its a little hard but the rest falls flat, like "Bones Exposed" and "Break Free" in all its definitely not my cup of tea. But I don't mind melody in metal or punk or industrial (ie Misfits, Machine Head, Front Line Assembly), but it is again very dated style of pop metal, which, almost killed the scene in Post Grunge music and I feel it lacks depth and Integrity so hence I give it an 'F". If You wanna listen to something good from that era check out Spineshank otherwise don't spend your $$$$ till next time kids laterz.

Fashion Reviews/Fashion Designer & Model Interviews

Fashion Reviews/Fashion Designer & Model Interviews

We'll be reviewing and interviewing fashion designers who create stage wear, fashion wear, jewelry and other stage props for bands who are in the rock, metal, hardcore and punk scene. 

This section will also include interviews with models who support these music genres. 

Pit Frenzy

Pit Frenzy 
(Concert/Fest Reviews)

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Album Submissions

Album Submissions

At Obscure Chaos Zine, we are willing to check out new releases from accepted genres Rock, Metal, Hardcore and Punk bands world wide in which will be considered for review.  Album submission can be done via digital or physical formats. Bands and labels can submit their releases for review consideration through the following methods:

* Streaming promos, and single track samples will not be reviewed.*

If you are sending us a digital copy of the album, please mail a download link to

What to include (for digital promo) Please include the following in the promotional packages that are sent to us to assists us in reviewing your release: 1. Full album in mp3 format 2. Full titles of your tracks. 4. High resolution album artwork 5. High resolution band logo 6. High resolution band photo 7. Band bio 8. Album release info sheet.

If you are sending us a physical promo, please send your material to the following address:

ATTN: Mario Rienzo
C/O Obscure Chaos Zine
1811 Grove Street, Apt 2R
Ridgewood, NY 11385

What to include (for physical promo) If you are sending a demo/album for review, please make sure the envelope is clearly marked DEMO and include a biography, black and white photo, contact address, email, websites, facebook page or phone number. Please also ensure your band name is written clearly as deciphering spiky logos can be near impossible to read at times and your information should be legible to read so we can get in touch with you.

Formats Please note that we only accept the following formats, and

Album reviews take the following order of priority:
Physical CDs
Digital promos

* Please note that due to the number of promos that we receive, the reviews will all take time. But physical releases will definitely be reviewed, while digital promos will only be reviewed if it interests the reviewer.

Lastly, expect nothing but honest reviews by the staff member (s). Bands that cannot take criticisms should not send their releases for review to us, and reviews will not be edited other than for factual errors (e.g. lineup, song title change, etc.).