Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Model Interview: Amethyst Wynter

Amethyst Wynter
Conducted by: Lady Kat Chaos
April 2014

OCZ: What inspired you to become an model?

Amethyst Wynter: My boyfriend now husband started taking pics of me and said I should model and that was the first person to ever even try to give me a self esteem boost and to ever even say I was pretty enough to model and mean it not just say it to get inside my pants

OCZ: How did you first become involved in modeling?

Amethyst Wynter: A small website competition with around 20 other models I came in second place and that was with very low res. photos the winner was a pro model with high res photos but a lot of the other models had good quality photos I just got more likes and this was before I had a facebook

OCZ: What age did you start modeling?

Amethyst Wynter: 16

OCZ: When did you career start and how?

Amethyst Wynter: It started as a hobby and still isn't a career because I do all my shoots for free cause i love supporting bands

OCZ: What types of pictures do you like taken?

Amethyst Wynter: Ones that people enjoy and that I enjoy doing. I like anything with guitars, stripper poles, and bondage gear lol my favorites

OCZ: Have you done other types of modeling as well, and if so what type?

Amethyst Wynter: Yes, I've done artistic nudes with shadows and roses and also pregnancy photos as well as a few grungy underground hi-hop photos and again because I love supporting music.

OCZ: When doing a shoot, is it the photographer that "puts you in the mood," or do you find your inspiration elsewhere?

Amethyst Wynter: Kinda my photographer just takes the photos he throws on some good music and we just get inspired together it takes more than a great model if the photographer sucks the photos will suck if the model sucks but the photographer is great the photos are only going to be kinda good so its a team effort

OCZ: What are some the common things/characteristics about yourself ?

Amethyst Wynter: My icy blue eyes and long redish-brown hair even though those things aren't very common that's the most common thing about me.

OCZ: Who are your idols and main inspirations?

Amethyst Wynter: I don't really have any idols because idols are made to fall and you cant look up to someone because eventually they will do something you don't like just like the song by Dream Theater build me up break me down that's what we do to our idols. People we look up to and my inspiration would have to be the bands and my son.

OCZ: Could you make an example of something that has particularly inspired you in your life?

Amethyst Wynter: music.sex and guitars all that inspires me to be brutal and sexy and to be in a band as well lol

OCZ: What styles of music do you like?

Amethyst Wynter: Metal and lots of it, and bands like Ghost BC, NIN, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, dub-step the weird kind lie algarithm dub-step and zelda dubstep

OCZ: What first attracted you to the world of extreme music?

Amethyst Wynter: Well, the first extreme band I heard was Cradle of Filth and that was thanks to the same boyfriend I mentioned got me into modeling.

OCZ: Please explain the duties of a merchandise model for heavy-metal bands.

Amethyst Wynter: I got to know how to promote the bands and make even a large shirt look sexy I wear a size x-small in shirts that's in girls t-shirts but a lot of the times bands send me medium and large guys shirts so got to make them look sexy. I always make sure the band is getting the most attention don't make yourself what the photo is all about.

OCZ: To date, which band has impressed you the most? Why?

Amethyst Wynter: That's tough Nethirb was the first band I model for but Nathorg was a great band both pretty dark metal and the reason why is because I became friends with the guys in the bands and there music fucking rocks its brutal as hell.

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