Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Album Review: DIRIGIRI - S/T - Reviewed By: Dave Wolff

DIRIGIRI - Self-Titled 
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
April 2014

Death-thrash originating from Texas, furnished with a strong old school feel. I’ve read this band being likened to bands such as Autopsy but their influences reach even farther back. The interview I conducted with guitarist/founding member Gene Olivarri for Autoeroticasphyxium provides insight into the making of this six-track EP along with their live performances and what inspires them lyrically. Olivarri wrote and composed these songs with drummer Omar Guerra (the interview I mentioned likewise provides some background on their working relationship). There is a high level of energy sustaining itself from song to song, without making an effort to exercise subtlety at any point during the course of this recording. I’ll go so far as stating it brings a punk/hardcore element into the thrashing and crunching for which Dirigiri is becoming known. For some reason Toilet Extermination reminded me of the Italian hardcore band Raw Power on their album Screams From The Gutter, and considering my tastes this should be read as a deep compliment. At the risk of writing fluff I envision much recognition for this band in the days to come. 

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