Thursday, 24 April 2014

Album Review: Pit of the Damned Vol 1 - DJ Insanity Official -Reviewed by: Tom Hocker

Title: Pit of the Damned Vol 1 DJ Insanity Official
Date of Release: 2014
Reviewed by: Tom Hocker, Knox Asylum Records, President/A&R

Pit of the Damned is an album that was released Jan 16th, 2014. It is a compilation featuring some of the best indie stoner and hard rock as well as punk music. Listening through the album it seems to have an interesting mix from all different genres. Everything from what I would label as Alternative, to upbeat pure hard rock songs and it even has an instrumental tracks. There is a noticeable difference of audio quality to the tracks on the compilation, which makes for an unpredictable listening experience. For those that enjoy long diverse tracks, this is definitely an album you should pick up. 2 songs come in over the 10 minute mark, and a few more that are 6 minutes or over. The longer songs seem to make the album drag on, this time could have been used to give the album more bands exposure.

Being a metalhead, the tracks I was drawn to immediately was “Future” by Solitary Crusade. This track is impressive and adding the fact that this is a one man Italian band just shows the quality of musicians on this compilation. Other tracks I recommend are “Dark Surface” by microtonner, “Mauerwerk” by Acid Ocean which reminded of old school Acid Bath. “Black” by Witchrider had a Queens of the Stone Age vibe to it. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary and want to step away from the same old cookie cutter, commercialized music played by clear channel radio. Then this is the rock compilation you must have. To purchase this album via digital download please visit 

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Rating: I give this album an insane 6 out of 10 horns \m/

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