Monday, 28 April 2014

Zine Review: Old Temple Magazine #1

Old Temple Magazine #1 (2013)
Website: Old Temple Magazine
Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos
April 2014

Old Temple Magazine is an extremely professional publication with 84 pages covering the dark-side of Polish blasphemy with interviews and album reviews. They are devoted to underground Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal. They've conducted about 13 interviews that covered mainly bands from Poland; Bloodthirst, Aragon, Wolftribe, Dark Fury, Ebola, Upir, Stigmata, Stigmata, Evil Existence and a few other bands from other counties such as: Deletere (Canada), Kratherion (Chile), and Crown Ov Thorns (Malaysia) which included some odd questions but keeping it interesting and different from other interviews that have been done before. They had over 100 reviews to read and I'm sure you'll find a few bands to check out after you're done reading it. 

Old Temple Po Box 48 86-307 Grudziadz 9 Poland

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