Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Zine Reviews: NIGHTWALK Issue #1, #2 and #5

NIGHTWALK Issue #1 (Hungary)
Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos

Nightwalk debut zine contains only Norwegian bands such as: Hades, Ulver, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Aura Noir and Darkthrone. There was really in-depth and long interviews with each of these bands. They also had some demo and CD reviews and they started heading in the right direction. Fans of bands from Norway this zine would be up your alley. What stood out about this 32 page zine was the article on Northern Mythology.

Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos

They've made a lot of improvements from the layout and the full content compared to their first issue. They continued with their Northern Mythology series, included more demo and CD reviews and of course interviews. The interviews in this issue were with Lord Belial, Amortis, Ahriman, Mystic Circle, Malignant Eternal, Gorgoroth, In The Woods, Arathorn, Bloodthorn, and ...And Oceans but the interview that is a worthy mention is with Enslaved (an extremely interesting read).

Nightwalk Magazine #5
Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos

I was hoping to find issue #3 and #4 but the dude at the booth didn't have them. Wow, how impressive they've became since their first issue. They are now a professional printed magazine printed on glossy paper, 56 pages packed with articles, news section, interviews, reviews and live reports. It's written in English and makes a good read. It features interviews with Tsjuder, Carpathian Forest, Borknagar, Shining, Aeternus, Khold, Ordo Draconis, Astarte, Thorns, Cruachan, Inferno, Thy Catafalque, Bornholm, Source of Tide, Gutted, Forefather, Lunar Aurora, Naer Mataron, Unholy Ritual and Blood Red Throne. Although, this was to have a free 16 track CD it wasn't with this issue when I purchased it at the Brooklyn Zine Fest. Contact: Nightwalk c/o Attila Mate, H-4032 Debrecen, Tessedik S.140., Hungary.

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