Sunday, 25 May 2014

Album Review: Reign ~ Now And Forever

Band Name: Reign
Title: Now And Forever
Date of Release: 2014 re-release
Record Label:  Divebomb Records
Genre: Heavy Metal
Album Review Format:  CD
Reviewed by:  Geoff McGraw
Date: May 2014

Track listings: 1. Can't Take Anymore 2. S.O.S(Season Of Sorrow) 3. Nice Guy 4. Running Out Of Time 5. Can't Set You Free 6. Best Served Cold 7. Crime & Punishment 8. Fistfull Of Dollars 9. Now And Forever 10. The Last Walk 11. We Walk Alone

If you like Iron Maiden, Metal Church or Armored Saint, or perhaps you worship at the altar of Savatage, Riot or Omen....Then you're going to like this album.
Reign was a short lived band, fighting against the mid 90's deluge of nu metal and grunge which overwhelmed and destroyed so many groups, whose prowess outstripped their contemporaries. Originally self released with poor production values, Divebomb records has rescued this little gem and given it new life in their bootcamp series with fantastic remastering and new artwork.
Simply filled to the brim with dual guitar harmonies, shredding leads, sweet thumping bass, pounding drums and soaring powerful vocals Reign is more than a name it's a statement of intent. With a tip of the hat to the grim reaper himself, a nod to a dark future, and an eye out for a bit of revenge "Now And Forever" has content for every metal fan.
This album is absolutely worth the time to track down, and listen to. For those of us who has been in the metal scene long enough it's a trip down the emotional memory lane of the days when long hair and denim ruled (or should I say reigned). For those who weren't there during the glory days it's a chance to hear what it all was really about. This a band who in 1996 came about 10 years too late to get a fair shake, so it's gratifying to see this album get a 2nd chance.
8 of 10 horns

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