Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Album Review: TRIFORIUM DAWN - Morningside

TRIFORIUM DAWN  - Morningside 
Triforium Dawn
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff

Massachusetts’ Triforium Dawn profess their style “experimental metal.” Just from checking out the first track of their CD demo it’s obvious from the get-go they’re experimenting with different subgenres and methods of songwriting. Uniqueness and imagination is always something to be valued in extreme music, and you’ll receive a healthy dose of it within these five songs. The opening strains of the title track prepared me for a brutal band the moment it started. Imagine my surprise when the melodic power metal-inspired vocals kicked in, followed by tempo and time changes delivered with the natural ease of Rush in the 70s and Fates Warning in the 80s. Combine this with a heavy, abrasive sound and occasional Iron Maiden-esque playing and there’s a force to be reckoned with here. This band certainly pushes the envelope of what brutal bands can do in the recording studio. By the time the second song “Gimp Canetapper (Layered Basses Version)” began I was a Triforum Dawn fan. Even more impressive is that what you hear is accomplished by three members (guitarist/vocalist Ulfilas Underwood, bassist Tim Eoghan Waddell and drummer Sam Dziel). When “Eclipsed Moonchild (Charcoal Vocals version)” was underway I was wondering where this band would take their songwriting on the next recording. If you’re interested in experiencing these compositions contact this band

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