Sunday, 25 May 2014

Zine Review: REBORN FROM ASHES Issue #7

Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
May 2014
The editorial penned by Tony Juarez was the first worthwhile feature of the seventh issue of this Stateside-based fanzine. It discusses how the internet has become a significant method of correspondence in underground metal, primarily from a zine editor’s point of view. The net has its pros and cons in relation to underground scenes the world over, but there was something rather special about reading Juarez’s thoughts in this format. There are indepth, informative interviews conducted by Juarez to be perused here, in the old school spirit of the late 80s and early 90s. This issue’s interviews include Anatomia, Horrendous, Revel In Flesh, Razorback Records, Offal, Bloodsoaked and Xolotl. Plus zine and CD reviews and a report on extreme music from Mexico discussing a wide variety of bands. The text is well printed and clear while there are many graphics accompanying each article and page of reviews. The cover artwork incorporating Juarez’s logo (based on an idea by JC “Chackal” Garcia) is designed by Mark Riddick (Riddickart) and contributions are made to this issue by Jonathan Martinez, Demogorgon and Vanessa Nocera. Props to Juarez for keeping his vision of compiling and publishing print zines.

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