Monday, 23 June 2014

Editorial: Struggles to Get Support Going! by Colleen Maloney (Knight) Co-owner

Hello, Dollfaces,

Let me first answer the question you’re probably asking as yourself why are some old schooler coming back to do a fanzine and if you’re one of those old schooler individuals you would understand how you need to take a break to raise your family, work a real job and yet rock and metal has never left my mind and I just supported it in other ways as best as I could.

Many hours that I've put into helping bands by promoting them as much as possible even if its not my style of music that I enjoy but will check it out and give support because supporting is what its all about. It becomes discouraging with all the promoting that I have done and out of 5,000 only a handful would even pay attention, maybe a comment here and there and barely any interactions when I was on Obscure Chaos Zine pages.

Bands are always looking for that free promotion, free information and not saying a word or given anyone else the support back and barely even a simple thank you for what we do besides the handful of 40 at most. If is wasn't for them I would have turned my towel in because of the lack of support given. There is an old saying, "ME, MYSELF AND I" is what the rock, metal, hardcore and punk scenes have become over the past few years and not caring about helping out others and bringing what as once called, "support."

Although, I haven't been very active because I've been dealing with the death of my own sister and six month later my own mother. We've always been very close and its been taken a huge toll on my own life besides myself dealing with the healing of my neck surgery and maybe needed another one soon. I still think about all the promotions our founder, Lady Kat Chaos has been doing and yet it still remains the same with the handful of individuals supporting others besides themselves. I wonder how many sit back read our page and take notes for themselves to gain more for them and not helping out others in the long run. Pretty sad if you think about it.

Hence, we do all the promotions we can for free because we have a heart and trying to bring back the support to the scenes. Half the time most don't even notice we have promoted an upcoming show of theirs, one of the their songs or their band page and yet gets us in a chat saying can you promote us please, hence we have an hour ago or maybe yesterday.

What makes us continue the love we have for the music we care about and although, most of it has been Lady Kat Chaos doing all the promoting for all on our facebook pages and our staff have been writing some really great reviews on releases and zines and each one is doing the best they can too. If it wasn't for the founder, amazing staff and those few who truly give us support I personally would say I would have left for good and yet it would have broken my heart even more.

So, now its time for all to bring that support between everyone.

Much love & respect ,
Colleen Maloney (Knight)

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