Wednesday, 30 July 2014



Obscure Chaos Zine, has expanded our mailing list to over 5,000 since our birth with industry contacts and fans worldwide. We are currently forming a mailing list of music fans and concert go-ers across the world to try and help build up your following.

We're presently working on developing stronger relationships and gaining affiliations with music industry resources, labels, radio stations, agents, managers, promoters, venue coordinators, clubs, fest, magazines, fanzines (zines), graphic designers’, photographers and models, web directories, blogs, podcasts, social networks, and licensing opportunities (film/tv/games). We provide promotions all across the world and will try to help you with record label submissions, developing a proper press kit, bios, and internet promotions.

One of our goals is to support bands the old school way of word of mouth and through exposure on our pages.

We promote hard from our hearts because we appreciate all rock, metal, hardcore and punk music and believe in cultivating relationships with all. We support as many as possible and welcome you to promote on our walls with your band links, music and upcoming shows. Promotion is the key to unlock the gates of your success.

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