Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Album Review: DRÅP - En Naturlig Död

En Naturlig Död 
(LP-Independent, CD-EMF Records)

Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
Posted on July 2014

Swedish crust punk with gratuitous traces of early U.K. grindcore. Dråp formed in 2013 and this is their debut full length available for streaming and sale on Bandcamp. With all the genres that emerged from grindcore since the early 90s (math metal and the like), En Naturlig Död could be considered a return-to-basics sort of album. Nothing so grandiose as many of today’s extreme bands, simply a merciless, uncompromising barrage of sound from a Sundsvail band who want to discover how much noise they can make. How well do they achieve it while not overstaying their welcome? Check out the ten face melting tracks here and judge for yourself. The energy put across by the band is glaringly obvious, with the heaviness and dedication to make it appealing to fans of Celtic Frost, Extreme Noise Terror and Entombed alike. The shortest track here is a minute and a half, the longest just over four minutes, so this should give you an idea of how much of said energy is generally consolidated into a single song. The finest examples include “Avsked,” “Horblod” and “Vedergällning.” If you’re a grindcore enthusiast you won’t want to miss this.

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