Saturday, 12 July 2014

Album Review: VENGEFUL GHOUL- Timeless Warfare

Timeless Warfare 
Genre: Thrash

Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
Posted on July 2014

Chained Freedom
The Sovereign Place
Ruthless Crow
My Crowded Solitude
Under Control
Search for Apeiron
Fire & Spell
Timeless Warfare

A power/traditional metal band from Istanbul, Turkey, Vengeful Ghoul formed in 2005 and made a name for themselves with a demo (Premier Fury) that received praise in the underground press and several live appearances. Their debut full length Timeless Warfare was recorded in 2012, at their own studio which they constructed and christened Ruthless Crow. When bands record their material under these circumstances, you know you’re bound to receive an impression of their work that is honest and completely their own. The band had some assistance in the mixing and mastering departments but all the recording was theirs alone. Listening to this album I heard shades of Queensryche, Mercyful Fate and classic Metallica; in addition to this there was some dark atmosphere enhancing the nine tracks by way of instruments that sounded like keyboards. Vengeful Ghoul storm through some complex riffing with tight license, and project a certain amount of energy showing their determination to be recognized for their collective talent on this side of the globe. It took the first three of these tracks to gain my interest in the band; no matter how many songs it should take while you’re checking it out you’ll doubtless be hooked by the time the last track begins. 

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