Thursday, 17 July 2014

Album Reviews: INTROSPECTION - Human Emancipation

Human Emancipation 
(Gate Of Horror Prods)

Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
Posted on July 2014

Introspection is not what you’d usually expect of a Brazilian band. Most people would think Sepultura, Sarcofago and the like when hearing the term Brazilian metal. This band, conversely, play a style of thrash metal involving tight musicianship and intricate guitars and even more intricate time changes. Sort of a cross between classic Megadeth and German thrash from the late 80s. The band was not what I expected to hear which is a good thing since this expands expectations of what Brazilian bands have to offer the rest of the metal world. Formed in 2006, the band describe themselves as traditional death metal with elements of death-thrash and old school death metal and a thematic sense allowing for technicality. Having released three demos before this outing (Suicidal Psychology from 2007, The Beast With Return The Pest from 2008 and Domination Of Death from 2009/10), they have had more than enough practice developing a sound setting them apart from most of the bands from their home country. This full length, released this past year, is said to be getting the band a great deal of attention in Latin America and Europe. Due to distribution this is the first opportunity American metalheads have to check this band out. And they won’t be disappointed if they’re searching for something truly unique. Of course there is much enthusiasm on the band’s part to be heard so you’ll be hearing from them soon.

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