Thursday, 17 July 2014

Album Reviews: TRIGANT - Wolves


Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
Posted on July 2014

This German thrash band formed in 2010 and have two releases under their belts to date: The Legendary Demo Tape from 2011 and Wolves, now the topic of discussion. For a four-track EP Wolves is a solid representation of where Trigant is heading musically and creatively. The songs here (Wolves, Reflection, Disembodied and Breaking) are titled with a single word each, but nonetheless exhibit subtle sophistication for a thrash band just beginning their career. Guitarists Rob and Benjamin Rechner, backed by bassist-vocalist Peter Czerniak and drummer Daniel Rodenbücher, compose compelling guitar progressions and lead harmonies that collectively elevate their appeal. The backbone of the band’s style is old school thrash (classic Metallica and Testament) fused with modern influence (Machine Head, Lamb Of God) with much thought put into the song structure. You might have to lend and ear more than once to become aware of all their nuances but the effort to do so pays off in the long haul. The tempo and overall mood changes from track to track; this makes Wolves even more intricate when it comes to the direction in which Trigant are heading as a band.

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