Thursday, 31 July 2014

Album Review: INTO DAGORLAD - United By Hatred

INTO DAGORLAD - United By Hatred
(Infantry Of Doom Prod/Autoprod)
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
Three tracks from this French black-thrash metal band’s latest full length are available for streaming at their Bandcamp profile. If you appreciate raw black metal of the cult persuasion this is for you. The production is gritty enough to make their material feel like sharp objects slicing into your eardrums, but not so much as to distort the instruments into a blur. Their rawness is just the amount needed to appeal to your misanthropic sensibilities; at the same time their capabilities as musicians is just as effective. The selections the band has made available at Bandcamp are No Redemption, Hellfire Metal Storm and Virtue Of The Weak, and there is a full tracklist of all the songs there. You can contact the band directly for ordering information.

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