Friday, 10 October 2014

Album Review: CATHEXIS Shades Of Apocalypse (Independent)

Shades Of Apocalypse
This Texas death metal band took the entirety of 2012 to write and arrange this album before releasing it when 2013 was young. Their aim was to create what they term a healthy balance of heaviness, groove and technicality. The time and effort channeled into this album shows in the material which sounds as painstakingly developed as it was. At the least this gives you an appreciation for the hard work that usually goes into death metal recordings, something too often overlooked even now. As long as bands like this continue to receive exposure independently and aboveground, the work ethic associated with extreme metal will remain apparent. If you are a longtime death metal fan the differences in musical technique should be as apparent the way the songs have been written and arranged from section to section. It’s a labor of love for the genre and the result of caring enough to push boundaries that alone should get the band noticed. The fact that the musicians comprising this band are likewise longtime fans and have listened to underground metal for a long time before founding the band is also going to be revealed in these songs. There is something for fans of many different styles of DM, with lyrics that are well thought out and make a similar effort to stand out. -Dave Wolff

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