Monday, 19 January 2015

Album Review: Nightbringer - Title: Ego Dominus Tuus

Nightbringer - Title: Ego Dominus Tuus
Date of Release: 09/2014
Record Label: Season Of Mist
Genre: Black Metal

Reviewed by: Geoff McGraw
8 of 10 horns

Track listings: 1. Prayer Of Nephal 2. Et Nox Illumination Mea In Deliciis Meis 3. Lantern Of Eden's Night 4. Things Which Are Naught 5. I Am The Gateway 6. Call Of The Exile 7. Where Fire Never Dreamt Of Man 8. The Witchfures Of Tubal Qayin 9. Salvation Is The Son Of Leviathan 10. The Otherness Of Being

Black Metal, as any of it's fans will tell you, is not a form of music that cannot be anything other than experienced. When it's good it's a Hammer Horror film for the ears, when it's bad...well we don't have to consider that, because "Ego Dominus Tuus" is good, possibly even great.

Hailing from Colorado you wouldn't expect to find an American band that seems to understand Black Metal the way VJS, Menthor, Ophis, Naas Alcameth, and ar Ra'd al Iblis do. Nightbringer doesn't just play on this album, they perform, and there IS a difference. Often Black Metal tires me personally, those bands who regurgitate the patterns, sounds and rhythms of their Norweigan heroes utterly fail to inspire...again we don't have to worry about that here.

"Ego Dominus Tuus" is an oppressive slab of darkness, conjuring images of infernal rites that the elder gods themselves shun. I can best describe the contents of the album as a soundscape....nay, a "fear...scape". Densely orchestrated and layered "Ego" is an absolute must for anyone who considers themselves a fan of the genre. For those who may not be acolytes or who dabble in the genre it's a "you should really give this a listen". For me, with no weak tracks, "Ego Dominus Tuus"...brought the night!

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