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Band Interview: The Burning Dogma

Interview with Maurizio Cremonini of The Burning Dogma by Lady Kat Chaos and Clayton Matthew

Obscure Chaos Zine: The Burning Dogma was born in the Fall of 2008, but the idea came about in 2006. Who is the main founder? Introduce the rest of your brothers and the crafts they master?
Maurizio Cremonini: I'm a founder with the other guitar player, Diego Luccarini. After the release of "Cold Shade Burning" Antero Greenville a great drummer joined the band to improve our rhythm skills. Another main character is our keyboard player Giovanni Esposito who allows us to bring more dynamics and amazing depth in our songs. In the last few months Simone Esperti on bass and Andrea Monte Montefiori joined the band and the new LP is gonna show everybody our new level.

Obscure Chaos-Zine: I read you're in the process of creating a new album this year. What can you tell us about it? Will you be recording some of your past songs from "Live at Dylan Horror Metal Pub (Live album 2010)," "Cold Shade Burning (EP 2012)" and "Triumph of Spread (Single 2012)"? How would you compare it to your past releases?

Maurizio Cremonini: We're deeply involved in the pre-production phase of the new full length. We won’t carry any "old songs" on the new release! Just trying to step forward in our songwriting. Sonically it will be more extreme; we wanna push all our emotions to the maximum. More groove, more brutality, more intensity.

Obscure Chaos-Zine: How much of the new album is written? How many songs are fully completed at this time?
Maurizio Cremonini: We wanna present the real meaning of human emotion. At the moment we have four songs completed. We’re talking about songs of about seven minutes each, so it takes time to get an entire album ready!

Obscure Chaos-Zine: During your ceremonies of creating songs, do you feel a spiritual connection is one of the most important aspects of your artistic view? How did you initially come up with the band’s concept and sound?

Maurizio Cremonini: We got to split it up into two different points: lyrics and music. Music is always like metempsychosis; a sort of hypnotic view. So we come up with songs while repeating riffs until they create a pattern that becomes a composition. The lyrics are carried out by our singer and are about apocalyptic vision, through the vision of human poorness.

Clayton Matthew: What is your preferred rig? Do you use any pedals or effects processors, and if so what are you using?
Maurizio Cremonini: I spent several years try to find out my concept of sound; it wasn’t easy at all. But after trying everything I could; a Boss pedalboard, different amp heads and guitars, my actual rig is composed of a Mayones 7 Regius Gothic Custom guitar, a Mesa Dual recto moded by me, a Tc Electronic Nova System and a midi switching unit.

Obscure Chaos-Zine: Can you discuss what influenced you to write the four songs you have written and completed?

Maurizio Cremonini: Those four we’re talking about are already pre-produced and the flavor mixes some early Carcass, some Nocturnus, some Immolation. This is just giving you a basic idea.

Obscure Chaos-Zine: Your guitar is custom made. How long did it take to build what you wanted? What can you tell us about your Mayones 7 Regius Gothic Custom guitar so maybe other guitarist would be interested in trying it out?
Maurizio Cremonini: We try to present a particular feeling. We don’t wanna copy any big bands. Mayones is a hand shaped guitar. Some big artists like Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Tiamat and so on are proud Mayones customers. The wood involved in construction is so good and high quality. The main character is the depth of its voice. So warm. So roaring. It took many years to collect enough money to buy such a monster.

Obscure Chaos-Zine: What were you playing before you purchased your Mayones guitar? Did you have to order from Poland or did you have some good guitar shops in your homeland? Have you spoken with the owners of Mayones about being endorsed by them?

Maurizio Cremonini: I’ve owned a Gibson Les Paul, a Schecter Jeff Loomis, several guitars from Ibanez and BC Rich. What I had in mind became reality as soon as I had my Regius. I tried for endorsement but I didn’t push too much. I just purchased it from the main Polish factory. Here in Italy it is quite difficult to find a dealer

Obscure Chaos Zine: Have you ever thought of opening your own guitar shop so other musicians don't struggle looking for gear?

Maurizio Cremonini: Oh no… it's a tough market!! And there are few people that could afford such prices for musical instrument!! Here in Italy the economic crisis is still killing people! But I’m always ready to help whoever asks for an opinion about guitars!!!

Obscure Chaos Zine: Have you ever built your own guitar?

Maurizio Cremonini: This search for instruments is an important part of The Burning Dogma’s sound because we wanna present a different sound and an original point of view. I am not able at all to build any guitars by myself.

Obscure Chaos Zine: How long have you been playing guitars for and are you self-taught or have you taken some lessons while in school?
Maurizio Cremonini: Ten years ago I started playing guitar. Few lessons. The internet is the answer.

Obscure Chaos Zine: How is the internet the answer? Do you watch you tube with other guitarist who give out free lessons? Which guitarist have you learned tips from?

Maurizio Cremonini: You can find tons of tutorials, lessons, and tips! My reference guitar players are Jeff Loomis, Andy James, Mike Amott and so on.

Obscure Chaos Zine: Have you ever done videos to help out other guitarists?
Maurizio Cremonini: I’m not the kind of guy that thinks to upload immediately after learning a few licks for some video. I think I still have to learn a lot before giving any lessons.

Obscure Chaos Zine: Do you feel that Doom/Death Metal is a deep art form charged with feelings and emotions, and to truly enjoy it you need to sit down and listen carefully?
Maurizio Cremonini: I can only say that death metal (especially old school) drives my emotions out of my body. Sometimes it takes the effort to sit down and listen to fully enjoy the feeling it creates. But of course headbanging is so natural when you're really involved. And that is the main purpose of our band: to present extreme emotions such as horror, despair and pain through resurrection of the flesh! We don’t wanna be mixed up with brutal death scene; we just wanna build texture and atmosphere with darkened and bloomy scenery

Obscure Chaos Zine: Have you ever written a song after an astral projection experience?
Maurizio Cremonini: I don’t think so, but for sure I was influenced by my dreams. On the forthcoming album we're going to dig it out more and more!

Obscure Chaos Zine: How often are you aware of your lucid dreaming and what emotions do you bring into your songs? How do you flourish in this path, to express your thoughts or spread them through music? Were you ever disappointed with the music you created?
Maurizio Cremonini: Well, the better songs come out as my inner pain grows up. It's a bit masochistic but true. Music it's the only vector to bring pain and delusion out. Life sometimes forces you to face things you wouldn’t believe to be real. I can assure everyone that reality could become worse and nightmares possible.

Obscure Chaos Zine: Have you ever feel like a misfit in the metal scene or from your homeland?
Maurizio Cremonini: It wasn’t easy to be integrated if you were a metal kid in the early 90s in Italy.

Obscure Chaos Zine: How have times changed since the 90's in Italy? Is metal more accepted?
Maurizio Cremonini: Fortunately a lot has changed!! Now metal is accepted even if still underrated.

Obscure Chaos Zine: Has the suffering you have gone through helped you release emotional pain or does playing your songs bring you more anger?
Maurizio Cremonini: When I play our songs I feel relief. No more anger, just pleasure!!

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