Monday, 2 November 2015

Album Review: Nattergal / Mortuus Sum - 'Buried And Doomed In Misery' - Split Release - Reviewed by: Geoff McGraw

Album Review Format: Digital Stream 

Band Name: Nattergal / Mortuus Sum
Title: Buried And Doomed In Misery
Date of Release: May 2013
Record Label: Independent
Genre: Black Metal

Reviewed by: Geoff McGraw

Track listings: 1. Displacement Of Grief 2. Karmatic Devestation 3.My Solitude, Your Silence 4. Prisoner 5. Vargavinter 6. Roswekk 47 (Hypocrisy Cover)

This split Features the 2 bands Nattergal and Mortuus Sum. Nattergal is from Mexico and has been active since 2010. Mortuus Sum hails from Greece has been active by this name since 2007 and as Panzerfaust in 2002-2003.

The three Nattergal tracks have a droning atmospheric quality, and a combination of clean gothic sounding vocals that a latter day Robert Smith might have penned, and gargled spoken word, usually at the same time. Equal parts buzz and depression, Nattergal is mostly atmosphere, you will not find fast tremelo picking or complex instrumental parts. But if music that would go well with long drawn out nightmares of being stuck in a neverending dungeon unable to find a way out is your thing the 3 songs offered here will be your thing.

Mortuus Sum is more traditional black metal instrumentation featuring the common themes of tremelo picked guitars and drums with double bass and blast beats like their predecessor on this spilt nearly spoken word gargled vocals are the norm. Mortuus Sum provides only 2 originals here choosing a cover, Hypocrisy song Roswell 47, as their 3rd offering. The 2 originals are also heavily atmospheric, unfortunately the cover song is the best of the 3.

If you like heavily atmospheric sounds with more than a little creepiness, which really is what black metal is supposed to be, then this spilt is for you. 

6 of 10 horns

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