Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Album Review: Necropsya - 'Bandas Fora Da Garagem' - Reviewed by: Geoff McGraw

Album Review Format: Digital Stream

Band Name: Necropsya
Title: Bandas Fora Da Garagem
Date of Release: 2011
Record Label: independent
Genre: Thrash
Website: https://www.facebook.com/necropsyabr
Reviewed by: Geoff McGraw

Track listings: 1.We're At War 2.Holding On 3. Determinacao 4. Reddened 5.Prisoned

Brazillian Thrash veterans Necropsya put out a lot of sound for a power trio. Henrique Vivi - Vocals/Bass, Henrique Bertol - Guitars, and Celso Costa - Drums. Now in their 15th year these guys are still pounding the underground with their brand of Thrash Metal.

Plenty of traditional thrashing riffs which occasionally slow down to midpaced thrash, that's about the best way to describe the output of Necropsya. Vocals remind me much of Venom and similar ilk. Not afraid to mix up picking styles and creative riffing, Necropsya also mixes in some what i would assume are traditional brazillian instruments that I do not recognize, and fills in the sound with guitar related effects.

If you give Necropsya a chance I'm sure you will like them, my head banged through the entire ep. The guys are not just blunt hammers pounding the nail, but have interesting arrangements and aren't afraid to mix in the occasional beautiful moment. I completely enjoyed my trip to the world of Necropsya, I'm sure you will too.

8 of 10 horns

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