Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Album Review: Hopeless Youth - 'Disgust'

Hopeless Youth - 'Disgust'
Release: February 25, 2014 
Facebook page: Hopeless Youth 

Reviewed by: Saul Colon
Date: April 2014

Here's my review .. Hey peeps Saul from Hellshot here there .. More there than here anyway in the mist of recording and the occasional gig I have had the great pleasure of listening to an Awesome band from Canada ( btw if I used "awesome already ya pretty much know what my rating is gonna be). Anyway, it's a band called Hopeless Youth and their debut album is called 'Disgust', already they got me. 

Its a total sonic assault from beginning to end starting with track "Ghost" it's a very In Your Face style sorta Strapping Young Lad to hints of early Nirvana and a little Hatebreed. It totally works without being exactly like those bands but it's brutal enough to make your day at a dead end job like mine more enjoyable. Vocalist Denis shrills like a mofo while the rest of the band John, Julien, and Yann blister with straight up punkcore metal riffs. Another great song is "Rain of Arrows" and the last tune "Abomination" makes wish they had another track or 2 in the album . Production is full and the tones of the guitars and the drums are impeccable ( hope to get a similar sound in my album) but it's soooo worth the buy. So guess what I give an "A"and yea I would contact Candlight Records to see if these guys will do a show in NYC.

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