Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Album Review: SEPTIC MUTAGEN - Colossal Predatory Anthropod Invasion

Colossal Predatory Anthropod Invasion - CD Review

First up, im going to come right out and say it, that "brutal grindcore tecnical porno death" is not my favourate genre. I can't tell one band from the next and much of it to me seems an excercise in senseless guitar technicality.

This one however is quite fun to listen to.  It reeks of death grind stinkyness, the vocals sit in that unintelligable guttaral range where not one word can be made out, the drums are obviously programmed beyond the capability of any mere mortal... but what saves this one from being shit-canned along with other releases of the genre that pass my way is the fact that main man Tim (its a one man project of course) writes the songs himself and actualy gives the guitars room to breathe. There are actual riffs and variation and some dynamics here. The drums are as mentioned before are ludicrously fast in parts but not the whole way through the record, again there is some variation here and it serves the songs quite well actually.  I have to say this actually kept me entertained the whole way through its seven song duration.

Overall I have to say to Tim "Not bad old chap, not bad at all..." and coming from someone who gets a bit annoyed by this genre of music that can be taken as a compliment

I doubt there is any other way to get this now than thru the Septic mutagen facebook or bandcamp site but give it a listen and support an underground aussie musician doing his thang!


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