Friday, 25 April 2014

Album Review: Of mice and Men - 'Restoring Force'

Of mice and Men - 'Restoring Force
Label: Rise

Reviewed by: Saul Colon
Date: April 2014

Hey guys, whats up? It's Saul hitting ya up with another review. This time, I'm gonna give ya a review from a signed band, this band is called "Of mice and Men" and third album is called 'Restoring Force'.

First of all, not crazy about the name but then again someone would same about Hellshot. Anyway, I got listen to it its available on Itunes or Spotify and I really would say as for metal its a very outdated album. Very emo metal trying to channel some Slipknot and Machine Head but sounding more like a heavier Linkin Park. If this is what some people like then go for it.

As for myself, I really couldn't listen to the whole album the whole poppy feel was to much for me some songs were ok, like "You Make me Sick" its a little hard but the rest falls flat, like "Bones Exposed" and "Break Free" in all its definitely not my cup of tea. But I don't mind melody in metal or punk or industrial (ie Misfits, Machine Head, Front Line Assembly), but it is again very dated style of pop metal, which, almost killed the scene in Post Grunge music and I feel it lacks depth and Integrity so hence I give it an 'F". If You wanna listen to something good from that era check out Spineshank otherwise don't spend your $$$$ till next time kids laterz.

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