Friday, 25 April 2014

News: The Dreaming Inks A Deal with Metropolis


TheDreaming is an Electronic/Dark Rock from Los Angeles featuring Christopher Hall, Walter Flakus and Johnny Haro of Stabbing Westward along with Carlton Bost and Brent Ashley. The Dreaming, Christopher Hall just officially announced inking the deal with Metropolis, read what he had to say:

 "So our record deal with Metropolis is now official!! I signed the deal last night after a couple of small changes. what does this means for you, the fans of the Dreaming? It means we will have a much higher quality album for you. We are tracking live drums on Wednesday at a proper studio and having the album mixed and mastered by Rhys Fulber from Front Line Assembly! It means we will be making a real video (although I think Martin Kelly and Uncle Mike did a fantastic job with just iPhones) and it means we will finally get to tour in Europe!! We are of course counting on touring with some of the amazing bands on Metropolis as well as a bonus. It will also give us the musical freedom to be as industrial/ electronic as we want. no more rock labels trying to turn us into Nickleback. I am very happy this morning. it's been a long time coming. We couldn't have done it without Walter Flakus and Carlton Bost coming back and rewriting the album with me and helping me finally capture the sound of the Dreaming the way I always dreamed it could sound. I can't thank you guys enough. and I can't thank you , our fans, enough either. you've always believed in us. good things ahead. chris"

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