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Concert Review: Firehaze, Fin'Amor, Atrocity, Leaves' Eyes, Moonspell

Firehaze, Fin'Amor, Atrocity, Leaves' Eyes, Moonspell
February 17, 2014
Reviewed by: Lady Lea

Years ago there were times I went to see every band on the bill and I still like to give the supporting bands some sort of support. I got there late and missed the first band Firehaze. I figure to finish my cup of coffee and smoke a cigarette before I enter the event. Than again these early shows can really screw you up. This show was starting at 6:30 pm and was to end around 12 a.m. Its not like the good old days of having shows ending to the club almost closing. But this is how it is today.

How I miss that you can't smoke in a venue anymore these days. Sorta sucks! Anyways, Fin'Amor, is a local band from Brooklyn, NY, in which, I'm not too familiar with them but here is a short mention this local Doom/Death Metal. Fin’Amor bassist at times seems like he was holding back from just going all out on stage, what I'm saying he had great stage presence but when it got to the slower parts it looked like he wanted more of the aggression sections so he could head-bang more. They had a good stage performances overall and they did win over a new fan tonight. These seven dudes took the stage like pros and should be the next band to get signed but as we all know it even record labels go for the trends. I like how the lights were gleaming off the drummers massive kit. I honestly liked the vocalist growling vocals more than his clean singing. They laid down some intense, dark, atmospheric groundwork as an opening band. They gave off a nice energy that filled the room and deliver one heck of a great set. They were so good I didn't want them getting off the stage. What was interesting there weren't that many people holding up there cellphones or ipods that you usually see these days. It was so nice to see that people were there to watch the band.

Atrocity being the same lineup as Leaves’ Eyes (minus Liv Kristine), can not be compared to one another. They both hold their own ground. has been around since the mid ‘80s. Originally an extreme metal band, their sound has evolved adding other elements to their sound. As we hear and see it many times when bands like to add new flavor and while they are developing there own individuality. I remember when they first started out as a death metal band and now they have a touch of some Gothic, Industrial and a splash of world music combinations but never abandoning the metal attitude. There tension exploded when they took the stage with fierce and and bass that pounding into my heart. What a great feeling that sure was. Alex's vocals always win me over with heaviness, clear and power Two ladies were on stage with them headbanging and showing their metal horns in which is always nice to see people having a great time with the bands.

The venue was getting packed all the different clicks are sticking together, how that brings back memories when I was about their age and everyone is here for what band they like to see or for the full bill. The band I wanted to see most was Leaves' Eyes because they are one of my top bands and Liv Kristine is one of my favorite female vocalist that I enjoy listening too. Everyone has their favorite songs they wish to hear but I can honestly say whatever they play tonight I'm going to enjoy it. Today, everyone says, you can find out the bands set list on the internet before hand but honestly what is the fun in all that? I want to be surprised. Call me old fashion or what not but I don't care that's just who I am. I'm not an new schooler of the metal scene and back then we never had the internet you went to shows because you wanted to see the band.

German and Norwegian symphonic/gothic metallers Leaves' Eyes who are one of my favorite bands on tour supporting their latest album, "Symphony of the Night". This album is truly unbelievable beautiful and wouldn't have thought anything less from them. Liv Kristine vocals always sends chills down my spine her operatic, angelic voice and harmonies. While her operatic vocals win me over while the growls give me a haunting feeling that I love so well. Not many bands can pull it over with each vocal style complementing each other. Opening up the set with "Galswintha," "Take the Devil in Me," "Farewell Proud Men," and when they performed "My Destiny," i just wanted to let the tears out with the passion that I have for this band and just hearing this amazing song made my night complete although their set wasn't finished. They've played their self-title album track "Symphony of the Night," which I was impressed how freaking amazing it sounded in a live setting. They are such skilled musicians. I wonder if anyone was paying attention to the licks that just were fully a blessing to see, hear ad watch. Husband and wife in the same band doing as well as they are is truly amazing to see how they can manage doing everything together and in the meantime ever everyone knows they are married you still have a few dudes who don't care and show no respect to woman in the metal scene. How I wanted to knock this drunk fool out behind me but more important is I'm here witnessing them perform “Melusine,” “Elegy,” and wow “Hell to the Heavens” what a great set-list they've put together.

I was definitely getting tired and knew I had a long way to travel back home but I didn't want to miss the headliners either. Moonspell are celebrating 20 years as a band and touring in support of their 10th studio album, the 2012 double disc ‘Alpha Noir / Omega White.’ Yes, I said it, 'ten studio albums' and happen to enjoy several of them.  As we await for Moonspell to take the stage, people are taken pictures making the stage look a bit cool as if lighting was striking. Yet again paid for our concert tickets and they were sure worth the price thus far. 

Oh crap drummer comes ripping up his kick pounding drums that pounded right into my chest and onward here comes the rest of the band unleashing sickness. They are the kings at what they do. I was trying to figure out what Front-man Fernando Ribeiro was wearing on his face but never mind that he began the of the set with a track off of ‘Alpha Noir’ titled, ‘Axis Mundi.’ 

Wow, yes Wow and that moment I knew I had to stay for the full set, and blocking my face from crowd surfers and watching the fans coming back to life again, who wouldn't its Moonspell we're talking about here people. "Night Eternal" while Vocalist Fernando says, "New York City the night is ours" indeed he is right it, sure is. Everyone is headbanging from the band to the fans. The drums having been blowing my mind all night long and usually, I'm more a huge vocalist type of chick. The keyboard have always also stood out during this song for me. Crowd surfers are making this a fun evening, how I miss those days but can no longer enjoy doing it anymore because of my back injuries from a motorcycle accident six years ago. Its so tempting thought but I know I will be taken my own risk. You knew everyone was having a blast during this song. It really set the mood to each of us. 

Hey, Hey, Hey "Opium" Moonspell is having such a great time on stage. I'm definite going home with a sore neck. One of my favorite songs as the guitars have always stood out to me. I can only image Moonspell feeling a bit sore after this show that they nailed. 

As Fernando was getting the crowd pumped as we gave our horns up, chanting during“Vampiria” while this dude and I were headbanging wonder which one of us got whipped in the face more all in fun moments. Yet, I the sweat was dripping in my hair while this dude didn't have one drop of sweat in his. By the way dude your hair smelled like strawberries. They played new material and old legacy songs such as, “Abysmo”. I was pleased they played “Nocturna” one of my favorite songs. I'm speechless, “Scorpion Flower,” and “Luna' both won me over tonight. 

Did you notice how the bassist would watch out for his band-mates esp when the mic stand would fall over during the being of the song, “Luna” which is great to show people how each member also looks out for one another. But what was more special was the dedication to Peter Steele (RIP) when Moonspell added a lot of emotions during, “New Tears Eve” almost had me in tears it was so touching, beautiful and an outstanding performance Moonspell put on. What I loved was how Fernando would do his signature eyebrow moves, its sorta of sexy too but overall one of the best shows I've seen this month.

As many all ready know that they are amazing live as well on a release. They were strong, solid and full of energy that won over the crowd and fans completely this evening. I'm glad I stayed to the end. I give the bouncers a horns up for not being assholes like many are but being really cool to the fans who were here tonight and sorry at least two bouncers looked bored to death. But thanks for letting us have a great time. 

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