Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Concert Review: Two Cow Garage & Sad and French

Two Cow Garage & Sad and French
Reviewed by: Lady Lea

A friend of mine gave me a call the last minute and invited me to hang out with her at Webster Hall because her husband had to work overtime. I never knew they was still such a thing as overtime unless you cleaning up the snow and rating in the extra NY city bucks, whereas many don't even have a job these days and not easy to come by. Anyways I took the offer to get out and enjoy myself instead of staying home sulking myself to sleep and worry about where I am going to live by the end of the month March.

I wish this eternal winter hell weather would end with all these snowstorms, below freezing temperatures but the cold we've had but these storms are unreal. I've never seen such storms in the many years of my life back to back like this ever. Have you? Something is just not right! My feet are so cold and my nose feels like its going to fall off my face. I couldn't wait to get inside.

Sad and French took the stage as a trio of a mixture of funk punk that was good, something that I would not normally listen to but they sure caught my attention and was shocked they had some sappy lyrics about faded memories and love. We all have heartbreaks some point in our life. They gave it their all with the high energy levels and got the crowd to interact. I'm not familiar with their material but I enjoyed myself.

Two Cow Garage took the stage and many fans went for a closer look and went up to the stage. I stood in the same area that had a good view and the sound was just perfect without blowing out my eardrums. They opened their set with "Stars & Gutters", "Glass City" and I was pleased to hear "Folksinger's Heart" in which are the only song I really know by hard. Were fans were singing along and shouting songs they wanted to hear. While bassist Shane Sweeney said, “I’m just glad you guys know all these songs.” They fans were pleased and I was pleased to get out of my apartment, hang out with my friend Shelly and saw a nice show these evening that was filled with energy. As my friend Shelly, loved singing along to songs such as, "Lucy and the Butcher Knife", "Come Back To Shelby" which she changed to her name LOL and "No Shame". They performed 11 songs this evening and thanks for the great time everyone.

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