Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Zine Review: DAEMONUM Fanzine Issue XIV

DAEMONUM Fanzine Issue XIV
Facebook page: DAEMONUM Fanzine
Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos 
Date: April 2014

Daemonum hailing out of Mexico, is not new to the underground scene and for awhile a few issues were digital downloads and now they are back into printed issues as they've done before.

Although, this zine is written in Spanish, I had a friend translate a few interviews. The interview with Convulse was interesting, a good length and well done. The rest of the interviews were just as good. 

This issue includes extensive and well-written album reviews, some gig reports on big fest such as the Maryland Death Fest and Barge to Hell in 2012. In which they gave good coverage on them both so if you missed out you can read about it here. 

By viewing this zine you will notice that they know what they are talking about in the metal scene and work hard on putting this issue together. Good black and white layout and a zine that could use your support to keep them printing. Maybe in the future they will do a version in English. 

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