Friday, 25 April 2014

Fanzine Review: SOULGRINDER Issue #1


Soulgrinder zine is published by Paul Caravasi who previously published Aquelarre zine. The editorial of this debut issue maps out what you’ll find within these pages, such as artwork (cover art by Mortuus), reviews of horror movies (by Kenneth Gallant) and an illustrated comic (likewise by Mortuus). You’ll also find concert reviews, zine reviews, CD reviews and interviews with bands from the old and new schools of extreme music. Phil Anselmo, Faith Or Fear, Dark Angel, Rigor Mortis, Machinage, Explicit Hate, Tyrant’s Reign, Toxic Wine, Betrayer F.T.M., Aftermath, Mercynary, Combat, Wrath, Hell: On, Don Doty and Evil Army. The compilation of all this material is a decent start to a new fanzine and something I’d like to see expanded upon in subsequent issues. Soulgrinder is available both in print and as a downloadable file. Contact Caravasi for information on obtaining this zine. -Dave Wolff

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