Friday, 25 April 2014

Gig Report: Girls, Girl Girls rule the night with 80's tributes

Girls, Girl Girls rule the night with 80's tributes
Bowery Ballroom
January 6, 2014
Reviewed by: Lady Lea

My husband and a few friends had some secrets for the past few weeks about planning my birthday and I was shocked to be driving passed the Bowery Ballroom that I haven't been too in a few years. It was great to see it still up and running. Driving around Manhattan in this horrible weather of nasty storm slush trying to find parking we finally found a parking lot instead. I didn't realize what were doing and I should have worn better boots instead of dress shoes and my friends trying to tell me to put plastic bags on over my shoes, I'll take my chances instead of looking like a wacko. I'm sure I looked foolish with red heals walking in this crap anyways.

The Bowery is packed for the Guns n’ Hoses and Girls Girls Girls concert. Guns n’ Hoses decked out in bandannas and top hats looking like real rock stars and glad they didn't make everyone wait two hours for their set as per Guns N Roses would do many years ago. They did one hell of a job with Appetite for Destruction. Erin Marsz - Axl Hose, has a powerful voice of her own and even though she didn't reach Alexs full high pinches she stood on her own two feet. “Mr. Brownstone” and “Think About You” seemed to win the crowd over.

Girls Girls Girls is a Motley Crue cover band that have been around for years with Vixen Neil on Lead Vocals, Lucky Sixx on Bass Guitar, Mercedes Mars on Lead Guitar and Tawny Lee on Drums. They played songs from the entire Too Fast For Love album played straight through, with another full set of Crue songs added for good measure. Girls Girls Girls, Front-woman,‘Vixen Neil’ stormed the stage wearing her her spiky leather outfit, tearing right into “Live Wire” which is one of my favorite songs of that time. I couldn't help myself singing a long. She hit every note possible and her vocals are incredible, “ Too Fast For Love”, “Merry-Go-Round,” “Starry Eyes,” “ Dr. Feelgood,” “Home Sweet Home” “Shout at The Devil” “Kickstart My Heart” and many others. They had the look, the talent, energy and they should open up for Crue with classic songs they don't perform anymore.

Overall both cover bands were great. One of the best moments was when both cover bands to got into a serious role of the MTV fight between Axl and Vince. It was hilarious and brought back a lot of memories. Great night out and two bands you don't want to miss out besides having a metal night out.

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