Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Album Review: TEMTRIS - SHALLOW GRAVE by Reggae


Temtris have always been known around the east coast of Australia for delivering tight, kick ass performances and their two previous releases "Thresholds" and "Masquerade" have have set them up as a band to look out for.

With the release of this, their third album the band have stepped it up a notch continuing along the same theme musically with an even higher level proficiency than before. Temtris have found themselves a nice little neiche in the Australian market and there's no real reason to change anything they have have been doing and thankfully they haven't made any huge departures from the band we here know and love.

The songs are epic riff laden peices with interveaving riffs reminiscent of Megadeth and maybe a few other power metal bands thrown in for good measure. Tight song writing and excellent solos its all here. What seperates temtris from other bands of the genre is the vocals of Gen, soaring majestically above the solid bass and drumming foundations built by the backbone of the band. I honestly can 't think of a vocalist to compare Gen to but, but if forced to come up with something Id say a mix between Doro, Iron Maiden and Helloween, but really I  just have to say that you really need to check them out for yourself to get an idea. The song writing is key here and while it is definatley technically accomplished it is never over played. Heavy drumming when needed and holding back when it suits the songs, create some excellent dynamics.

Combining forces with Australian label "Battlegod" also promises to be a great business move for the guys hopefully exposing them to the metal fans of Europe and beyond.

Overall this record is a must have for fans of Australian metal and im sure it will be the stepping stone to see the name gain the recognition it deserves

Temtis - Your Time has Come - Video on youtube

Reviewd by Reggae

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