Monday, 14 April 2014

Album Review: TURBOCHARGED - AREA 666

Label: Chaos-Records
Year: 2013
Genre: Thrash / Death metal
Reviewed by: Reggae
Track listing:  Area666 / Swarm / Christian Corpses / Worshipper / Devine Bacteria / Masses, Mortals and Maggots / Blood In, God Out / God Fearing Cunts / Scavengers of the Light / Churchfire Commando / The Slut and the God / Rogue Evangelist / Vandalise the Vatican / Christcrawler

Turbocharged really impressed me with their first record "Antixtian", so much so they became an instant favourate of mine upon first listen. This is their second full length release and they've got a mighty big task ahead of them to top their debut slab.

I have to say Ronnie and  the boys have done themselves proud once again. Where the first record had a more universal appeal, combining death metal with some punk flavours it made for a unique listen and some instantly catchy songs... this one steers more into traditional death metal territory.... It has guitar tones that remind me of early "Entombed" and "Dismember" (it must be something in the water in sweden) but this is even heavier...... probably not as much punk influence as the last record but maaannnn its heavy... and brutal. The production perfectly suits the moods and the guitar riffs are heavy, filthy sounding, and for the most part, sit in the lower register of the instrument, but with heaps of cool artificial harmonics thrown in to break it up.... combine this with an absolutely pummelling drum sound / performance and you have one heavy mutha of an album , infact this whole record weighs like a ton of bricks its that heavy...... oh yeah, did I mention it was heavy?

Lyrically the album follows the same anti religious themes as the band persued on the first release, very well written and executed lyrics and Ronnie's vocals are sounding heavier, angrier and more hateful than ever. I think lyrics are an important part of songwriting and obviously so does Turbocharged,  a lot of time that went into these little ditties and it really adds another dimension to this release and delivers the bands message rather well.

This is one of the better (if not BEST) releases that have come my way this year  and definately one to become a staple of my heavy metal dietary requirements .... It has my utmost recommendations.... BUY IT NOW!!!

 Turbocharged Area666 (official vid) on Youtube

PS: Thanks to the guys for signing this one for me and to Tommie for organising it!! Cheers \m/

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