Monday, 28 April 2014

Zine Review: GOETIA Issue #5

GOETIA Issue #5
Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos

When I attended the zine fest this year in Brooklyn, the guy hosting his table packed with zines about his animals and a comic about how he loves helping homeless animals on the streets that was interesting but he pulled out Goetia zine issue #5 and told me this was his favorite zine but it’s no longer in print. He told me to sit next to him and read it before I head to the next table of vendors because he felt I would enjoy it. In this issue interviews featured are Hammerfall, Iron Rainbow, Naevus, Razor, Merciless, Maze Of Torment and a few others. Two interviews that I enjoyed most were Razor and Necronomicon. I can see why this dude enjoyed this zine and got over excited about the layout, in which was professionally done. Although this dude was drooling over this zine I would give it a horns up for ending it with a great farewell.

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