Monday, 28 April 2014

Zine Review: A WORMHOLE Issue #39 Reviewed by: Dave Wolff

A WORMHOLE Issue #39
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff

If you read AEA you’ll have an idea that I’ve been in contact with editor Keith Wormouth and traded zines with him for several years. So I’ve seen many issues of his DIY publication. While there is no professional vibe as in other zines I’ve reviewed, the spirit of the do-it-yourself ethos represented by this zine is special unto itself. You’ll perceive this looking beyond the initial surface impressions when you obtain this mag. Even in the handwritten and cut/pasted sections you’ll receive an impression of Wormouth’s dedication to supporting underground/independent bands. Simply give it a fair shot before deciding whether or not to become a regular reader. Issue #39 features a couple interviews (Tinnitustimulus and Praying For Oblivion) together with a handful of reviews.

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