Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Album Review: BLOODWRAITH - As Above, So Below

BLOODWRAITH - As Above, So Below
(Supreme Violence Productions)
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff

Bloodwraith is a two-man band consisting of Wargoat and Moribund who were in Shadows Of Sin together. Although they specialize in black metal of the raw and primitive variety, what makes this recording of theirs unique is the addition of some piano/synth pieces providing a singularly bizarre yet effective counterpoint. This doesn’t take anything away from the rawness mentioned above; but it’s rather a striking contrast making them worth checking out, especially so if this contrast develops as the band progresses. These two already have experience from their previous band, which should be a help since they are familiar with one another’s musicianship. Their influences as mentioned on their Reverbnation biography are stated to be Bathory, Darkthrone, Mayhem and Immortal, but personally I heard more war metal influence on many of these tracks. Bloodwraith’s Reverbnation link also includes a couple of recently recorded demo tracks. From these you get a sense of how much energy they put into their practice sessions.

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