Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Album Review: Various Artists/Sampler True Metal Lives II - Another Cup Of Evil (2014)

Band Name: Various
Title: True Metal Lives II Another Cup Of Evil
Date of Release: 2014
Record Label: True Metal Lives
Genre: Traditional Metal Compilation
Album Review Format: cd

Reviewed by: Geoff McGraw

Track listings: 
1. Hellscream - Hellscream 
2. A Sound Of Thunder - Queen Of Hell 3. Prowler - No Life Till Leatherface 
4. Abductum - Our Master Lie 
5. Matrekis - Fist To The Face
6. Darker Half - Never Surrender 
7. Shallow Ground - Darkness 
8. Lords Of The Trident - Complete Control 
9. Scythia - Rise Of The Kraken 
10. Ripe - Dreamwalker 
11. Lord - 2D Person In A 3D World 
12. Dire Peril - Astronomical Minds 
13. Pain Savior - Pushing The New Machine 
14. Divinity Compromised - Termination Sequence 
15. Tungsten - Contamination 
16. Barbaria - Blackbeard 
17. Engine Of Chaos - Psychopulse 
18. Coven 13 - Witches Kiss 

The 2nd installment in the True Metal Lives compilations does not disappoint in the least. The overall package is killer from look to sound.
18 tracks of traditional hard hitting heavy metal keeps your head banging. This album, like it's predecessor, is one of those special compilations in which there seem to be no weak tracks. Each of the bands on the album are very very good at what they do, the traditional metal revival puts a heavy foot forward with the help of the folks at True Metal Lives.
As with all compilation albums it is difficult to draw a picture of the overall sound of the album, primarily because every track is from a different band, however in this case you can expect buzzsaw guitars, pounding bass, insistent drums and powerful vocals in all of the offerings here. It's a great road test album, drop it in your car on a long trip and it'll play several times in a row because it's that good.
It's not often that I include album artwork in my reviews, but as we all know good art makes an album more interesting. The art provided by Noel Puente made this album great, with hints at many different classic covers, he captures the classic imagery of heavy metal in it's prime (holy shades of Megadeth Batman)!
This album is being passed out at 6 different metal festivals this year, and is also available directly from as well as several mail order outlets. You can get more information on where to get your copy by visiting the site.

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