Monday, 26 May 2014

Album Review: INVERTICRUX ~ Malcontent Manifestation Monitoring Program - Reviewed by: Dave Wolff

Title: Malcontent Manifestation Monitoring Program
Record Label: Exalted Woe
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
Date: May 2014

This went underwent an intriguing process of metamorphosis since 2005. They began as the psychobilly/punk act John Hex’s Creepshow, continued as the black/doom band Vintage Flesh, and finally evolved into Inverticrux, which can be described as theatrical operatic psychedelic blackened stoner death thrash from the farthest cosmos. Multiple genre descriptions have surfaced many times by new bands; regardless it’s safe to say you haven’t quire heard the aforementioned influences arranged in the manner in which this band does. Checking out the six tracks of Malcontent Manifestation Monitoring Program for the first time is akin to watching what comes from recalling the most bizarre nightmare you can experience, capturing it on celluloid for all to witness. In simpler terms, think of Celtic Frost on acid and this will present a workable idea of what’s in store once this release gets underway. The myriad of influences the band collected over the years blend in a way that takes extreme metal in directions you might not have suspected possible in “Sin Be Thy Guide,” “On Six Limbs” and “Here Fades All Worldly Pleasures.” There are even samples of music composed in the early twentieth century and some other surprises (especially when it comes to the lead vocals) to add to the bizarre quality of this recording. These are the kind of songs you have to hear several times in order to appreciate their every nuance, and in relative privacy.

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