Monday, 26 May 2014

Album Review: LUCY POEMS ~ Tales That Witness Madness

Title: Tales That Witness Madness
Record Label: Independent
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
Date: May 2014

A decade ago was when I first corresponded with Lucy Poems. Back then the Lancaster, Pennsylvania musician was involved with an atmospheric gothic rock project called Savior Sect. I remember Savior Sect appeared in AEA’s review section once or twice. A decade hence and Poems’ travels through the left field have continued without deviation. His current project is an experimental post punk/darkened new wave outfit with an atmosphere similar to his previous effort. The self-released seventeen track demo recording Tales That Witness Madness was compiled and made available in 2013. These songs contain an undeniable city noir theme running throughout, akin to a cross between Samhain and classic David Bowie, heard through dreamlike veils that are only beginning to be lifted. This quality is felt in the varying guitar and keyboard sounds, but especially in the vocals providing a visual narrative to each vision explored as convincing as the lyrics. Prolonged exposure will spellbind you more and more deeply as the demo progresses. 

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