Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Album Review: MAZE OF TERROR - Skullcrusher

MAZE OF TERROR - Skullcrusher
(Capricorn Records)
Maze of Terror
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff

This five song EP boasts an old school thrash motif. Gritty, crunching guitars and nihilistic vocals enhanced with a more modern DM sound complete with brutal blast beats. It’s an impressive combination for my first time hearing this Peru-based power trio. Maze Of Terror channels boundless energy through their material, making you feel you are experiencing one of their performances firsthand in an outdoor venue, while there are moshers and stagedivers before and on the stage. Peruvian bands, regardless of their genre, always have a certain unique passion about underground metal, and Maze Of Terror is no different in that regard. And the energy they put across continues to increase as the EP progresses. “Hatred And Repression,” “Lord Of Destruction” and “Rivals” in particular embody this passion and energy, suggesting if there were more bands like this playing around and recording material the underground would be unstoppable. The EP and some lyrics are available at http://mazeofterror.bandcamp.com.

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