Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Album Review: SEWAGE - Sewage

SEWAGE - Sewage
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff

Blistering punk from the Manhattan streets that has endured for a long time and shows little sign of slowing, It’s hard to believe I’ve kept up with Sewage for almost two decades, and equally hard to believe frontman Spike Polite has continued the band through all the lineup changes over that time, Musically and attitude-wise the music hasn’t changed from their debut recording “Love Song” which was released around 1994 or ’95. Spike’s determination to wave the punk banner remains vital even with the closing of New York City’s clubs and record stores where punks could get together and fraternize. The nine tracks compiling this CD bring those glory days back to the present, especially “What Happened To The Punk Rock?” which sums up what many punks in the local area are feeling since CBGB and Bleecker Bob’s closed down and “Rock-N-Roll Revolution” which is a clear statement that punk is hardly a thing of the past just yet. While there are mostly newer songs here such as “Florida” and “Better Days” Sewage’s early years are represented by “Crusties.” The band has this EP for sale at Amazon.com; search there for “punk rock SEWAGE.”


  1. I love the Crusties song! Hardcore without being NYHC. Not Metal, just good 'ol Punk Rock the way I love it.

  2. Spike Polite is a classically trained musician, very skilled and he's not a showoff. He's the real thing, a lifer. Total Punk Rock