Friday, 30 May 2014

Album Review: PRAYER OF THE DYING - God’s Failed Creation

Title: God’s Failed Creation 
Nekrogoat Heresy
War Flagellation Productions

Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
May 2014 

Musician/songwriter Martin Ciappara has helmed this Malta based solo project since 2006, and this latest outing shows him coming into his own when it comes to being a unique voice within black metal. Since 2007 Ciappara has released four full lengths with a demo and EP besides making several split appearances with Thy Legion (from Malta), Sarratum (from Turkey), Firth Of Damnation (from Tennessee, USA) and others. For someone who has independently sustained his effort for this long, you can’t help but admire Ciappara’s persistence. Especially when he has operated within a genre (the black metal revival) established as cutting edge longer than two decades ago, and since spread to each corner of the globe on an underground/cult level. On this new release he continues the dissonant rawness and horrid vocals that bands in the deepest puts are known for, while experimenting with different sounds and atmospheres to create something closer to operatic. Even melodic chants and female vocals provide occasional backdrop. These elements complement one another well, opening doors for further experimentation and creativity in the near future. 

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