Thursday, 12 June 2014

ALBUM REVIEW - Bodycount ~ Manslaughter

 Bodycount – Manslaughter

First thoughts that come to mind when I heard that Bodycount had regrouped for another album was “Oh jeez…. Why wont these guys just die?”  Indeed as a teenager when “Cop Killer” came out I was not impressed then. Their music seemed generic, sub par songwriting and riffs that were quite frankly plagerised off “Master of Puppets” era Metallica… which is a shame because I always had time for Ice T’s hip hop work.

Over 20 years later…. I’m wondering “Who the hell this is going to appeal to? Do 12 year old white boys in this generation still want to be gangsta?  Does the mainstream media still get upset at Ice T’s barrage’s of the MF word?” Probably not…. This album will have to stand on its own merits, not the media shit storm they created back in the 90’s

Open track “Talk Shit, Get Shot” is the video circulating around you tube at the moment and honestly it falls well below the mark.  Instead of ripping off Metallica now it feels like they’re progressed into the current era by ripping off Linkin Park. “99 Problmes” and “Institutionalised” are even worse. I like Suicidal Tendencies and it actually hurts me a little to see someone ruin a great song so thoroughly.

Enough about the negatives there are some tracks on here that are quite passable and musically compare reasonably well to artists of a similar ilk, like BIOHAZARD. Not sure whether a biohazard fan would be well served going out to get this but it does have some pretty decent moments.

I also have to say I find Ice T’s lyrics rather childish in places…. Especially considering the lyrical brilliance he displayed in his early hip hop work., it just feels like this guy could have done a lot better with some more time put into it.

Final verdict…. Some good moments but maybe only for fans of ICE T ….  And some juggalo’s might dig this…. I think this is a classic case of a one hour album that really shouldn’t have been much over 40 mins. It would have not had the embarrassing moments and been far more consistent.


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