Sunday, 25 May 2014

Album Review: Tidal Arms - Tidal Arms

Title: Tidal Arms
Record Label: Independent
FB: Tidal Arms
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
Date Reviewed: May 2014

Since their inception this Brooklyn-based experimental doom/stoner rock band has released two full lengths, The Sun Exploding and this one. For my introductory listening experience, their self-titled effort is an impressive slab of post-apocalyptic sludge with many somber moments and psychedelic guitar progressions adding to the overall bleakness. Even more admirable is that the band cared to release this on vinyl besides previewing it for purchase at Bandcamp. Tidal Arms consolidate their ideas into songs usually lasting from two to five minutes (the longest track here is over seven minutes) so there are many different themes of desolation and rebirth in each track, and these compositions don’t become too over-long and tedious as doom metal sometimes tends to become. The moods they bring into their music are pretty much in your face as opposed to utilizing subtlety but there is something about their formula that makes you want to listen to this more than once. Both their full lengths are available for preview at the Bandcamp address above.

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