Monday, 26 May 2014

Album Review: WITH BURNING CONTEMPT - Red Visions


Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
Date: May 2014

With Burning Contempt play a blistering, abrasive and uncompromising style of death-thrash they liken to Venom, Hellhammer, Godflesh and early Entombed. Available as a physical CD and downloadable net files, their four-track EP Red Visions relentlessly takes you back to the late 90s when bands like Witchery were recognizing the roots of extreme metal when 80s thrash was making a comeback. Most of what I heard of this caliber was released on Necropolis and similar labels, and the feeling I remember getting is the same I get from this band today. These songs (Red Visions, Defaced, We Are Nothing and Untrue Weapons) contain the sonic impact of heated sandpaper slowly dragged across your skin, with production sufficiently clean and crisp to allow each of the instruments to make a lasting impression upon your consciousness. Loud, raw and primal, Red Visions is a fitting soundtrack to the underground cult celebration. I/m hoping this band reaches more people as they continue.

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