Monday, 26 May 2014

Album Review: MERDARAHTA - Breathe Electric

Title: Breathe Electric
Record Label: Independent
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
Date: May 2014

Merdarahta is a two year old project founded by members of the Canadian grind band Fuck The Facts (whom I corresponded with and reviewed extensively when writing my regular column in Long Island’s local Good Times). Also comprising this project is Mike Raynnd of Black Oak Decline. I heard about this release Breathe Electric through Topon Das who I primarily kept in touch with while reviewing F.T.F. As it’s been around fifteen years since then I would guess Merdarahta is heading in an entirely different direction. The seven tracks comprising Breathe Electric are better described as ambient-electronic-drone, possibly with the faintest  elements likened to goth and black metal added. But as many of you know, such generalized descriptions only scratch the surface of a band’s full potential, especially when they set out to do something different from their previous efforts. This potential can be recognized here, despite that many of the songs here are brief; that is within the three-to-four minute range. The most ambitious of these tracks (Electric III) reaches all the way to eleven minutes in length, providing nightmarish sonic images of a future in which virtual reality has overtaken all aspects of human life and turned it into something else, something not quite so human. You can envision mental pictures of great generators of energy revered as deities in central sound effects the other instruments and assorted echoes seem written and composed around. As to how the narrative progresses, you need to envision this on your own with your own imagination. Information on downloading and purchasing this release can be found at the above link.

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