Thursday, 31 July 2014

Album Review: ETERNUS - Labyrinth Of Reason

ETERNUS - Labyrinth Of Reason
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
July 2014
Eternus formed in Chile in 2013 and this is their debut full length, released a year after. If this is what they offer in only a year’s time it shouldn’t be long before they are firmly established as a genuine talent in underground metal. The complete running time of Labyrinth Of Reason is just under an hour and a half, with fifteen brilliant tracks. Eternus composes intricate compositions easily comparable to Rhapsody and Luca Turilli pioneered two decades ago in terms of length, aesthetic and inventiveness. If you have sufficient time to hear this all the way through you’ll come away with the feeling you’ve experienced something profound and special. As if you’ve experienced a metal opera the likes of which you never considered possible. With power metal and classical delivered in equal quantities. Forget what passes for “metal” on mainstream entertainment like American Idol and similar programs; the future of metal is what you’re reading about at this precise moment. You must give Eternus the credit they’re due for making an effort to continue taking the genre in new directions in this age when sameness sells and image overshadows music more than ever. The musicianship is phenomenal and epic, the songwriting and arrangement of the material painstakingly thought out and it shows. What the band means to do to stand out from most symphonic metal bands is to include baritone vocals and greater emphasis on variety in tempos and genuine feelings within the song structure. Admittedly the baritone could use some improvement but this is a minor complaint considering the rest of the band’s formula. This is a release that should be added to your collection.

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